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Celebrating Unity in Diversity - Intern Ambassadors - 2022
Presentations & Award Ceremony

Posted 17 Mar 2023
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Unity in Diversity: 3rd Global Day of Love & Oneness

Posted 14 Feb 2023

Pece Gorgievski - Uniting Civilisations After the Covid19 Virus

Posted 9 Jan 2023



President of Cuba attends Conference for World Balance
Posted 27 Jan 2023
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The 5th International Conference For World Balance

Posted 27 Jan 2023
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Fifth International Conference for World Balance

Posted 27 Jan 2023
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International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples 2022 | UNITED NATIONS

Posted 10 Aug 2022
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Metamorphosis 2021 Magazine

Bombay Teachers Training College
Posted 10 June 2022
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Remote detection of the group meditation with several sensors

Medcrave - International Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Posted 31 May 2022
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Thank you & Happy Holidays 2022

Posted 24 December 2021
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World's first living robots can now reproduce, scientists say

Posted 30 November 2021
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7 June 2021
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GDF Interviews - Climate Change Awareness - Building momentum towards COP26 – Glasgow


Scott Leckie

Posted 16 October 2021
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Matthias Gelber

Posted 16 October 2021
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Nadine Coption

Posted 16 October 2021
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Celebrating Unity in Diversity in Nigeria
7 June 2021
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Macedonian Inclusive Society model -Model for Intercultural, Inter-ethnic, Inter-religious, Inclusive & Sustainable Society - GLOBAL DIALOGUE PROJECT MACEDONIAN DREAM BUILDING UNIVERSAL & PEACEFUL BROTHERHOOD OF MAN  
Posted 2 May 2021
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Integration and Development: Need for Dialogue- PRIO  
Posted 2 May 2021


Missing Ingredients in Diaspora Engagement in Development: Destination-Country Policies and Integration  
Posted 2 May 2021


Immigrant Integration | migrationpolicy.org  
Posted 2 May 2021



Diaspora, Development and Integration: A Review of Policies and Practice 
Posted 2 May 2021


The Pope of Rome, the Grand Imam of Cairo, and the official World Day of Fraternity - Vatican News  
Posted 7 March 2021


General Assembly Declares International Day of Human Fraternity  
Posted 7 March 2021


Biden State Department creates 'diversity and inclusion' position   
Posted 25 Feb 2021



Investing in Diversity and Inclusion at State   
Posted 25 Feb 2021


State Department establishes chief officer in charge of diversity 
Posted 25 Feb 2021


Posted May. 25. 2021


Posted May. 11. 2021


Posted 25. 5. 2021


Posted May. 11. 2021


Posted May. 11. 2021


Posted May. 11. 2021


Posted Feb. 11. 2021


Fratelli Tutti: The Encyclical of Pope Francis on fraternity and social friendship
Posted 25 Dec 2020


The Global Day of Love & Oneness   
14 Feb 2021
Watch the event on YouTube
United Civilizations Dialogues - Special Issue - Click here


Unity in Diversity Clubs - Cameroon: 
"Global Day of Love & Oneness 2021"  
31 Jan 2021


On Behalf Of All At Global Dialogue Foundation, Thank You For Your Support.  We Would Like To Wish You & Your Family A Healthy, Happy & Prosperous New Year   
Posted 31 Dec 2020


Fratelli tutti - Vatican News 
Posted 20 Dec 2020


Vatican launches website dedicated to “Fratelli tutti” encyclical - Vatican News
Posted 20 Dec 2020


Fratelli Tutti
Posted 20 Dec 2020


Human Development 
Posted 20 Dec 2020


A Cultural Kaleidoscope Diwali Celebration of Festival of Lights
Posted 13 Nov 2020


LEAD Magazine: Unity in Diversity
Posted 31 Oct 2020


Webinar - UN World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development 2020 - YouTube
21 May 2020


Webinar: Event-Celebrating UN World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue & Development
21 May 2020


ORION UC - The Voice of United Civilizations™ 



Jointly Venturing: Talking Makes Sense, So Let's Talk More!
Interviewing Peter (Pece) Gorgievski, by Scott Leckie
29 Feb 2020


United Civilizations™ (UC) Initiative Opens Global HQ in Mumbai India
7 Oct 2019


Alexander the Great – Inspired Communication
Posted 15 Sep 2019


Unity in Diversity World Radiance School Camp,
Summer - August 2019
Posted 27 Aug 2019


Old bikes help refugees settle into new lives
6 Jul 2019


The Vision of United Civilizations:
GDF Workshop at UN DPI/NGO Conference, New York
Posted 10 Sep 2018
Workshop & Conference weblinks: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7)


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Posted April 14 2018

Orthodox Easter in Australia

Posted 29 Mar 2018

Shroud of Turin inspires professor to create a 3D image of Jesus

29 Mar 2018

He is Risen! Pope’s Homily at Easter Vigil

29 Mar 2018

Easter day in Australia

Posted 30 Mar 2018

Spring Equinox - Vernal Equinox

Posted 20.3.2018

Nowruz promotes sense of fresh possibility, ‘a chance to renew our commitment to peace’ – UN chief
21 Mar - Read more

Promote tolerance, respect diversity, UN chief urges ahead of International Day against racial discrimination
20 Mar - Read more


Charity Dinner: Supporting Unity in Diversity at the Global Speakers Summit

25 Feb 2018



On behalf of all at GDF, we'd like to wish you Happy Holidays and a
Prosperous 2018. Thank you to our volunteers, members and partners, supporters, families and friends.

23 Dec 2017



Highlights: Unity in Diversity – World Civil Society Serbia Launch, 25-27 July 2017

30 Jul 2017

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Elon Musk outlines Mars plans (inc £157K tickets) and says humans will DOMINATE Red planet'

16 Jun 2017

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Sharp increase in money migrants send home lifts millions out of poverty – UN report

14 Jun 2017

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World’s Top Religious Leaders Issue Rare Joint Appeal

16 Jun 2017

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In Kyrgyzstan, UN chief Guterres highlights importance of governance for sustainable development

11 June 2017

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Remarks by H.E. Al-Nasser at the World Day for Cultural Diversity Celebration at the Princeton Club of New York

9 Jun 2017

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India PM Narendra Modi - NEWS FROM THE WEEK

15 Apr 2017

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Bali FC players celebrate their diverse religions

8 Jun 2017

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World’s Top Religious Leaders Issue Rare Joint Appeal

16 Jun 2017

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Remarks by H.E. Al-Nasser at the Lisbon Forum: ‘Interconnecting People’

1 Jun 2017

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  Walking Together. Christians on the Road to Unity 9 May 2017 Read more  Remarks by H.E. Al-Nasser at the First High Level Meeting of International Organizations at the 4th World Forum for Intercultural Dialogue 5 May 2017 Read moreVideo remarks  Unity in Diversity Companies - Mumbai 8 Apr 2017Read more


The theory of everything: The universe is 'like a COMPUTER underlined by information'


Unity in Diversity Campuses - Mumbai, India


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Unity in Diversity Companies - Mumbai, India


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Humans are Waking Up: For First Time in Recorded History, Schumann Resonance Jumping to 36+


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Orthodox New Year in Australia

14 Jan 2017

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END OF DAYS PROPHECY: Fears for terrifying 2017 event after Virgin Mary painting cries

5 Jan 2017

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Happy Holidays from GDF

Posted 27 Nov 2016

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Christ's 3 Visits: Our Guest Is Here and Is Coming

Posted 27 Nov 2016

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UN International Tolerance Day celebrated by the Unity in Diversity Citizen's Assembly in India

Posted 26 Nov 2016

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8 Nov 2016

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Pope Explains What Christian Unity Is Not

10 Nov 2016




Pope at General Audience: ?Mercy of God Works Wonders?

9 Nov 2016





Bitola to Host International Conference of Religious and Inter­-civilization Dialogue

1 Nov 2016




Posted 13 Oct 2016

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Posted 13 Oct 2016

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RUSSIAN TV is showing NIBIRU PLANET-X! RUS Doesn't hide it - Please Share (2016)

Posted 2 Oct 2016

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Posted 2 OCT 2016

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Nibiru, Planet X, Nemesis, The Destroyer, Wormwood, Hercolubus, Comet Typhon


Global Goals ?rallying call? to tackle world?s ills, says new President of UN economic and social body

Posted 28 July 2016

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Al-Nasser Remarks at the high-level panel on the role of Parliaments for building peaceful and inclusive societies and combatting violent extremism

22 Jul 2016

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The High Representative addresses the Foundation Alliance of Civilizations in Skopje on Global Challenges and the Role of UNAOC

8 June 2016

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President Ivanov Congratulates Ramadan Bayram

5 July 2016

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The Dark 'Fifth Force' of the Universe --?It?s Totally Beyond Anything We Understand" (Thursday's Most Popular)

26 May 2016

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Thaci laid a wreath at the monument for Serbian citizens

21 Jul 2016

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Expatriates wish to invest in IT, outsourcing, tourism and agriculture

21 Jul 2016

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Gentherm is opening 2,000 new jobs

21 Jul 2016

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Unity in Diversity - World Civil Society, India Launch
14-16 March 2016
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GDF signs MoU with UN Alliance of Civilizations - towards the nucleus of a planetary citizens assembly
7 May 2016
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Pope: Europe Needs Capacity to Integrate, Dialogue, Generate
6 May 2016
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Respect for different faiths ?bedrock? and ?prerequisite? of world peace, UN General Assembly told

26-27 May 2016
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'Londoners have chosen unity over division': First Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan blasts rival Zac Goldsmith's 'politics of fear' after winning record vote as top Tory slams 'return of the nasty party'

6 May 2016

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Global Education Summit 2016

26-27 Mar 2016
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Unity in Diversity-World Civil Society India Launch

Presentation by UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations, H.E. Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser (Delivered by Dr. Hanifa Mezoui)

15 March 2016

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Visit photo gallery - Launch event


"Mumbai is a civilization based on democracy, peace, understanding and tolerance"

Interview with Dr. Hanifa Mezoui, Senior Advisor Humanitarian Affairs & Civil Society, UNAOC
By DNA India, 14 March 2016

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Unity in Diversity Peace Garden Inauguration, India

Presentation by Dr. Hanifa Mezoui, Senior Advisor Humanitarian Affairs & Civil Society, UNAOC
16 March 2016

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Visit photo gallery - Garden Inauguration


Unity in Diversity-World Civil Society, India Launch

14 March 2016

Visit photo gallery - Pre Event Session


The queen urges inclusivity in Commonwealth speech

4 March 2016

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Unity in Diversity-World Civil Society, India Launch
Planetary Citizens Assembly

12 March 2016

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Various press releases 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


Exclusive: Bio-energy Basics Scientifically Proven

Posted 8 March 2016

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Macedonian President in Rome: We Have to Create Cohabitation in Order to Have World Peace -

27 January 2015 -
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Maya Shahani - Awardee Global Peace Initiative 2015

December 2015 - Read more



Happy Holidays

24 December 2015 - Read more



Mother Teresa to Be Sainted After 2nd Miracle Declared: Vatican

18 December 2015 - Read more



FORUM: The Face of Mercy in Calcutta?s Gutters: Mother Teresa to Be Proclaimed a Saint

18 December 2015 - Read more



Blessed Teresa of Calcutta to Be Made Canonized Saint

18 December 2015 - Read more



Paris climate summit: David Cameron warns 'earth is in peril' - as it happened

30 November 2015 - Read more


Paris Climate Change Conference - November 2015

Posted 30 Nov 2015 - Read more


Security council unanimously calls on UN members to fight Isis

21 November 2015, All able states should join the fight against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq...

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Vatican with a high respect for the Macedonian tradition

1st November 2015 - The bronze relief with a biblical theme, which President Gjorge Ivanov in 2011

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Transcript: Read the Speech Pope Francis Gave to the United Nations

25 October 2015

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Unity in Diversity - World Civil Society Featured at the 2015 NGO Conference at the United Nations: Towards a Planetary Citizen's Assembly

New York, 25-27 August 2015 - The 2015 NGO Conference at the United Nations celebrated,....

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Symposium, Unity in Diversity - World Civil Society

Belgrade 27-31 July, 2015 - Representatives from 30 countries participated in the World Symposium,....

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Hillary focuses on an ?inclusive America? in campaign rally

June 13, 2015, In her first campaign rally since announcing that she,...

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BRICS Culture Ministers to meet in Moscow

June 15 2015 - Culture Ministers from the five BRICS countries are due to meet in Moscow...

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Trying to distribute responsibilities, not creating anti-West bloc: Putin

June 20 2015 - Beijing and Moscow are not building any military-political alliances...

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BRICS Bank to commence business on 7 July

June 20, 2015, The BRICS New Development Bank will be launched at,...

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18 June 2015 - 18 June 2015 - A panel session of the BRICS Business Forum took place...

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IT, Migration to Be in the Spotlight on Last Day of St.Petersburg Forum

20 June 2015 - ST.PETERSBURG (Sputnik) ? The St.Petersburg International Economic Forum...

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Deals, EEU, BRICS, SCO Discussion Mark First Day of St. Petersburg Forum

18 June 2015 - ST. PETERSBURG (Sputnik), Alexander Mosesov ? The atmosphere at......

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Archbishop Gallagher at the Council of Europe on the Religious Dimension of Intercultural Dialogue

Vatican City State, June 09, 2015 - Below is the Vatican-provided text of the intervention...

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Blair gets a new job: Former PM set to take up new role as head of group fighting racism and anti-Semitism across Europe

4th June 2015 - Tony Blair will today announce he is taking up a new role heading an organisation dedicated to fighting racism...

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GDF Presentation: Dialogue as Global Trust Building Shaping Common Global Agenda, 3rd World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue, Baku 17-18 May 2015

Posted 21 May 2015

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3rd World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue ??18-19 May 2015, Baku, Azerbaijan

Israel must eliminate racism - PM Netanyahu

4 May 2015 - Israel's prime minister has said racism in the country must be eliminated...

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Turkish premier slams European xenophobia

4 May 2015 ? Xenophobia is one of the ?biggest dangers for the whole of Europe....

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China-Led Development Bank Gains Global Support; UK, Switzerland Approved As Founding Members

March 28 2015 - The U.S. is finding itself increasingly isolated as more...

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MKGeoglyph.jpg - small
The Geoglyph symbols are the same as the Rosetta Stone

January 23, 2015 - Professor Aristotle Tentov says that all symbols of Sveti Nikole Geoglyphs...

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Mystical sign gives Macedonians broaden insights about their past

Geoglyphs are works of art created in the earth's soil by organized stacking of stones,...

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For Your Info. Update - Post-Conflict Macedonia

Jan 15 - Model for Intercultural, inter-ethnic, inter-religious, inclusive and sustainable societies

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Emir Al Thani EMIR OF QATAR welcomed the role of the Republic of Macedonia in the Alliance of Civilizations.

Jan 15 ? ?The Macedonian model of respect for diversity is a very positive example, which should
be promoted as part of this global initiative?, said the Qatari Emir at the meeting ...

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Message from GDF


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FROM GDF FOUNDER 1992/1992 - 2013/2014


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"...This is the path of peace: dialogue. ..." - His Holiness Pope Francis
Catholic, Muslim Leaders Join Together to Promote Peace

December 05, 2014 - As the dramatic situation in the Middle East continues, an interreligious meeting... ?

Pope Francis played key role in U.S.- Cuba deal

December 17, 2014 - WASHINGTON ? A personal appeal by Pope Francis played a key role....

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Putin in India: Key Deals on Oil, Gas and Atomic Energy Signed Between India and Russia

11 Dec - Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday assured President Vladimir Putin ...

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Belgrade-Budapest railway-related agreements signed
in the presence of prime ministers of China, Serbia, Hungary and Macedonia.

DECEMBER 17, 2014  - BELGRADE -- Two agreements on cooperation between the Serbian and...

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Israeli Prime Minister Sends Christmas Message to Christians

Rome, December 26, 2014 - Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel,

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In Turkey, Pope Francis Advocates Dialogue in Battling ?Fanaticism?

Nov 28 2014 - ISTANBUL ? In his first visit as pope to a predominantly Muslim country, Pope Francis said in Turkey on Friday that?... ?

Pope Francis prays alongside Grand Mufti in Istanbul?s Blue Mosque

Saturday 29 November 2014 - In a gesture designed to highlight his commitment to inter-faith...

Pope's Address to Turkish Authorities

Vatican City, November 28, 2014 - Here below is the Vatican-provided translation of Pope Francis'...

Pope Francis Bows, Asks For Blessing From Ecumenical Patriarch
Bartholomew In Extraordinary Display Of Christian Unity

30 Nov 2014 - ISTANBUL (AP) ? Pope Francis and the spiritual leader of the world's Orthodox

President Ivanov Awarded Crans Montana Forum?s Prix de la Fondation 2014

October 18, 2014, Macedonian PresidentGjorge Ivanov was awarded Prix de la Fondation ?

PresidentObamaCivilS1.jpg - small
President Obama announces new civil society initiative
NEWS | 10/07/2014 - President Barack Obama announced a new presidential initiative

Mkd2025.jpg - small
Macedonian Business Forum in Toronto

4 Sept 2014 - On 23 and 24 October will be held Macedonian Business Forum in Toronto, Canada organized by the Macedonia 2025

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Unity in Diversity - Workshop UN DPI/ NGO Conference, UN New York

28 Aug 2014 - Read More (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6)


unaocsixthglobalforum.jpg - small
Unity in Diversity The UNAOC Sixth Global Forum, Bali

21 Aug 2014 - The Alliance of Civilizations Sixth Global Forum, hosted by the Government of Indonesia...


GDFLogo2.jpg - small
Unity in Diversity World Civil Society - Establishing Initiative Bodies, Message From Founder

6 Aug 2014 - Today the world is extremely mixed and polarized...


 putin.jpg - small
Putin calls for a new world order

14 Jul 2014 - The Russian leader is on a six-day Latin American tour seeking to increase Moscow?s influence...


BRICSmeeting16e.jpg - small
Brics group of emerging powers creates development bank, reserve fund

16 July 2014 - FORTALEZA, Brazil (AFP) - The Brics group of emerging powers have created a Shanghai-based...


Inauguration - Unity in Diversity Peace Garden Nashville, TN, USA

7 July 2014 - The inauguration of the Unity in Diversity Peace Garden at Scarritt Bennett...


EffJC.jpg - small
"Do One Thing for Diversity and Inclusion" - Best Wishes JC Bas on New Role

24 Jun 2014 - My dear friend, Jean-Christophe Bas (in picture on left side), a major change agent and leader at...




Pope Francis' Address to Delegation from the Patriarchate of Constantinople
Vatican City, June 29, 2014 - Here is the translation of the Holy Father's address to the delegation...
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US Bishops, Iranian Religious Leaders Make Joint Declaration on Life, Dignity
Washington, D.C., June 18, 2014 - Catholics and Shia Muslims oppose actions
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Invocations of Peace By Pope, Presidents of Israel and Palestine
Vatican City, June 09, 2014 - A widely anticipated prayer initiative between the Pope and Israeli and Palestinian presidents, 
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VOICE - 7th Issue, Anniversary Special
21 April 2014
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Global Donors Forum - Celebrating Philanthropy In Emerging Economies - Forging Strategic Partnerships
19 April 2014 - Organised by the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists, the Global Donors Forum brought together...
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Ivanov : Macedonia has the right to be proud of conditions it has created for the Roma
9 April 2014 -On the occasion of 8 April International Roma Day, President Ivanov visited Shuto Orizari...
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Unity in Diversity Peace Garden, Nashville, TN, USA
9 April 2014 - A few years ago, I had the pleasure to meet 14year old Kiran Thawardas through the SAGE
Foundation in India...
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IWD2014.jpg - small
Why do we need an International Women's Day?
6 Mar -Four gender-equality campaigners share their views on feminism and the backlash...
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UNAOC Informal Meeting: Unity in Diversity ? World Civil Society
21 Feb, 2014 -Remarks by H.E. Mr. Nassir Abdul Aziz Al-Nasser, The UN High Representative for The Alliance Of Civilizations.

JimandCali.jpg - small
GDF appoints Mr. Jim Swiger,
Ambassador-at-large, Director-General, Environment
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HappyHolidays2013.jpg - small
Happy Holidays - 2014
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historicaccord.jpg - small
Historic? accord at UN forum moves Asia-Pacific countries towards regional economic community
23 Dec - 23 December 2013 ? Thirty-six Asia-Pacific nations unanimously adopted a landmark declaration...
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zenitlogo.gif - small
Pope Says Diversity Is Key to Peaceful Coexistence
Vatican City, November 28, 2013 - Meeting with participants of the plenary assembly of the Pontifical Council...

Light as medicine? UWM researchers explain how
October 17, 2013 - Multiple sclerosis (MS) causes progressive paralysis by destroying nerve cells...

zenitlogo.gif - small
Benedict XVI Made 'Decisive Contribution' to Interreligious Dialogue
12 November 2013 ? Benedict XVI made a ?decisive? contribution to interreligious dialogue, proposing a dialogue of ?charity in truth? that resulted in a praiseworthy initiative between Muslims and Christians...

statescivilsociety.jpg - small
States, civil society embarking on new partnership, says UN Assembly President
3 October 2013 ? The General Assembly is embarking on a new partnership between Member States...

Unity in Diversity Peace Garden, Nashville
20 September 2013 ? Scarritt-Bennett Center, Nashville, Tennessee - United States of America

peacegarden1.jpg - small
Unity in Diversity Peace Garden, Thomastown
20 September 2013 ? Thomastown West Primary School, Victoria, Australia
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PaulaScher.jpg - small
Paula Scher Joins Global Dialogue Foundation
10 September 2013 ? ?On a personal level, I am passionate about the same values that the GDF ascribes to ? dialogue, collaboration, tolerance and understanding among cultures and civilizations ?...

featureunbreaks.jpg - small
FEATURE: United Nations breaks tradition to bring real diplomacy to Model UN
30 August 2013 ? The United Nations is educating students on how things are actually done inside its...

reformsmustensure.jpg - small
Reforms must ensure UN Assembly?s place at centre of global governance, says body?s President
29 August 2013 ? As the United Nations General Assembly gathered to review the efforts underway to....
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Bridge-Builder2.jpg - small
International Conference ?Imagine the Common Good??
?Debates on: ?Unity in Diversity? - FRANCE
15 August - Bridge Builder - Download
Conference website

Baku2013_1.jpg - small
Strengthening the role of Civil Society to promote intercultural dialogue, diversity and inclusion- Baku 2013
Posted on June 3, 2013 - At the 2nd World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue in Baku (29th May ? 1st June), the Global Dialogue Foundation (GDF)....
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messageofthe.jpg - small
Message of the UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations for Do One Thing For Diversity and Inclusion
17 May -The UN General Assembly declared May 21st as the World Day for Diversity....
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21 May, World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

In ?time of tension,? role of Alliance of Civilizations must be enhanced, says Ban
13 May 2013 ? In an increasingly interdependent world with diverse cultures exposed ...
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MACEDONIA - In Tetovo Third Time Celebrating Diversity
15 May - Under the motto "Different but Equal" in Tetovo Cultural Center "Ilo-Anteski-Smok...
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MACEDONIA - The Third World Conference on Dialogue among Religions and Civilizations Finished
11 May - With the adoption of the Declaration in Skopje tonight, the third World Conference...
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The World Religious Conference Has Begun
11 May - Approximately 110 foreign and 150 domestic guests participated...
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generalassembly2013.jpg - small
General Assembly, in special debate, aims to boost interaction between UN and G20
15 April 2013 ? The United Nations General Assembly today is holding a thematic debate with the Group...
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revitalization.jpg - small
Revitalization can ensure General Assembly becomes ?parliament of
nations? ? President
2 April 2013 ? Revitalizing the General Assembly can help ensure that the chief deliberative...
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UNAOC engaging with civil society to work more effectively in promoting dialogue and understanding
10 Mar 2013 - One of the outcomes of the 5th Global Forum of the UNAOC, which was held in Vienna...
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GDF Congratulates all women on International Women?s Day - 2013
8 Mar 2013 - International Women's Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating...
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Launch Day - Whittlesea Community Leadership Network Victoria Inc. (WCLN) - Melbourne, Australia
25 Feb. 2013 - We gather this evening to celebrate the Official launch...
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Support article - The Hon. Harry Jenkins MP (Federal Member for Scullin, Parliament of Australia)

clnwhittleseatab.jpg - small
Whittlesea leadership network prepares to launch
Feb. 18, 2013 - A NEW organisation will help those who help others in their roles as community...
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Post Conflict Macedonia - Inclusive Society Model
21 December 2012 - The purpose of this paper is to provide information on the processes undertaken to establish ...
16 Jan 2015 - UPDATE Read more

macedoniainvestment.jpg - small
The Global Investment Forum in Ohrid is complete

21 October 2012
With a minimum of half a million dollars per investor, the Macedonian Diaspora set up a fund for...

unaocSummerSchool.jpg - small

1 September 2012
Global Dialogue Foundation was recently invited to attend the 3rd annual United Nations...

MulticulturalGala2012.jpg - small
Multicultural Gala Dinner - Melbourne 2012

22 August 2012 - On the evening of Friday the 17th of August, Global Dialogue Foundation...

diasporasAustraliare1.jpg - large
Diasporas in Australia: Launch of Australian Research Council Report

16 August, 2012 - Canberra, Australia - The three-year research project ? Diasporas in Australia: Current and Potential Links...





Press Release, Secretary Clinton to Host Global Diaspora Forum
July 25, 2012 - Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will host the second annual Global Diaspora Forum at...


CLN21May2012.jpg - small
Do One Thing for Diversity & Inclusion 2012 in the City of Whittlesea, Victoria (Australia)
25 May 2012 - City of Whittlesea?s Community Leadership Network participated...


UN Alliance of Civilizations Partners Forum Draws to A Close
Posted 2nd June 2012 - Convened at the invitation of the Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep...


TALKING POINTS - Istanbul Partners Forum, Pledging Conference
1 June 2012  - Read more


At Alliance of Civilizations meeting, Ban calls for tolerance and cooperation
31 May 2012 ? Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today stressed the need for tolerance and..


Cameroon.jpg - small
Unity in Diversity makes its start in Cameroon, Africa
21 February 2012 ? A group of committed civil society activists came together in Yaounde, Cameroon...

HappyHolidays2012.jpg - small
Happy Holidays!
24 December 2011 - On behalf of Global Dialogue Foundation, we wish you Happy Holidays and a Prosperous 2012 New Year.
To our volunteers, supporters, donors, partners, family & friends, THANK YOU!
- Global Dialogue Foundation

Dohaphoto.jpg - small
Developing ?Unity in Diversity? with participants at the UNAOC Doha Forum
24 December 2011 - At the 4th UN Alliance of Civilizations Forum which was held in Doha, Qatar...

Read more   Photo album


BendigoLCMS.jpg - small
GDF's CEO keynote speech at Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services AGM
30 November 2011 - Many thanks to Noemi, Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services and members for inviting me to speak with you tonight....


CitizenDiplomacy8Nov1.jpg - small
Citizen Diplomacy : How Ordinary People can Change the World
11 November 2011 - The event was jointly presented by ACCESS-Australian Institute of International Affairs and Global Dialogue Foundation.

Open Forum: Global Dialogue Foundation gives decisive contribution to launching UNAOC Civil Society chapter in Australia
10 October 2011 - During a rare visit last week, the United Nations High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations, His Excellency Dr. Jorge Sampaio, (transcript of speech) ...

GDFLogo2.jpg - small
Strengthening the role of community, business and non-government organisations in cross-cultural understanding
29 September 2011 - Under the auspices of United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), Global Dialogue Foundation-Unity in Diversity and partners are teaming...


unchiefkiribati.jpg - small
UN chief and Kiribati leader warn over climate change threat to Paci?c islands
5 September 2011 - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the President of Kiribati, Anote Tong, today stressed that...


GDF Co-founders at multicultural dinner
Posted 23 August 2011 - Organised by Federation of Indian Associations of Victoria (FIAV) along with Australia India Society of Victoria...

Unity in Diversity Lecture : Doing  Business in a Multicultural World
Posted 3 August 2011 - The Inaugural Lecture of the UNAOC Series was held by Centre for Management in Mumbai,

In the middle of the monsoon, a ?ne morning is very unusual
Posted 5 August 2011 - For the rains to hold off for almost a whole day, just about unheard of.

Marking International Friendship Day, UN chief urges global amity
30 July 2011 - On the ?rst International Day of Friendship, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged the...

Invitation to Unity in Diversity Lecture Series under the auspices of United Nations Alliance of Civilizations
22 July 2011 - We are pleased to invite you to participate in the launch of the "Unity in Diversity" Lecture Series under the auspices of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, presented by Global Foundation in partnership with Centre for Management.

Deiss urges ?exibility as Assembly debates stronger UN role in global governance
28 June 2011 - The President of the General Assembly Joseph Deiss today urged States to be ?exible and...

Facing Tomorrow 2011
Posted 23 June 2011 - the third annual Conference under the auspices of the President of the State of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres, will take place in Jerusalem, June 21-23, 2011.

Ivanov: Macedonia, a model of religious freedom
22 June 2011 - Macedonian President, George Ivanov, during his speech in the conference "Facing tomorrow 2011" being held in Jerusalem, said that religious communities in Macedonia have all the rights and...

Tick for Tiger
21 June 2011 - ...an Olinda not-for-pro?t group is stopping at nothing to help the plight of the mighty tiger.

Vatican Of?cial Backs a Next Step for Multiculturalism
ROME, JUNE 2, 2011 (Zenit.org).- Instead of multiculturalism, it's time to speak of interculturalism...

Ban urges tolerance and social inclusion in an age of global emigration
1 June 2011 - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged the world to deepen its commitment to the common...

SG and High Rep at Inter-Ethnic Cities Conference in Rome
June 1, 2011 - The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs sponsored an International Conference on the Inter-Ethnic 

The Secretary's Global Diaspora Forum - Diaspora, Diplomacy & Development
Posted 25 May 2011 - The Secretary of State's Office of Global Partnerships, in collaboration with the US Agency...

GDF IN ACTION: Do One Thing for Diversity & Inclusion
Posted 23 May 2011 - Celebrating UN World Day for Cultural Diversity.

Unity in Diversity : An Innovative Project at the UN Alliance of Civilizations Pre-Forum in Doha
11 May 2011 - The UN Alliance of Civilization Pre-Forum dedicated to Civil Society was held in Doha, Qatar on 3-4 May 2011... 

General Assembly designates friendship day and grants EU higher participation status
3 May 2011 - The General Assembly today voted to upgrade the status of the European Union's (EU) participation at the... 

GDF's Unity in Diversity highlighted as a practical solution at World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue
11 April 2011 - Hosted by the Government of Azerbaijan, the World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue was held on 7-9 April, 2011 in Baku under patronage of H.E. Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

United Nations Alliance of Civilizations DOHA PRE-FORUM 2011
Posted 31 March  - Connecting the UNAOC'ss mission and the MDG: an Agenda for Collaborative Action.

Everything you need to know: Vernal or spring equinox 2011 
20 March  - In 2011, the vernal or spring equinox comes on March 20 at 23:21 UTC. To understand what happens...

Novruz, Nowrouz, Nooruz, Navruz, Nauroz, Nevruz
Posted 21 March  - Inscribed in 2009 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

GDF Congratulates all women on International Women's Day
8 March 2011 - International Women's Day (IWD) is marked and celebrated by most women on Earth...l 


Unity in Diversity Forum, Kerala 
10 February 2011 - The second session of the ?Unity in Diversity? Forum, an initiative of Global Dialogue Foundation,

5 Feb 2011 - The ?rst United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) themed-forum in South Asia will take...

Unity in Diversity Forum in Kerala: A New Development of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations in India
27th January, 2011 - The Global Dialogue Foundation together with co-organizing partners, SAGE, PeaceWorks and PNCA,

Posted 19 January 2011 - The Unity in Diversity - Bridging Cultures: Building Peace & Development Forum,

Happy Holidays!
On behalf of Global Dialogue Foundation, it is our pleasure to wish you all the best over the holiday season and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.  May you enjoy and cherish your cultural and/or faith holidays and convey them to the younger generations so that all cultures on Earth will one day, form 'Unity in Diversity' as a safeguarded pathway for our future together, forever... 

Unity in Diversity, Forum, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala- India, 6 - 8 February, 2011.

30 October 2010 - The Expo 2010 in Shanghai gave the center stage to cultural dialogue on Friday October 22nd by featuring...

19 Oct 2010 - From 10-12 October, political leaders, civil society activists, private sector and media representatives came together...
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The inaugural Global Dialogue Forum ends with great success
17 Oct 2010 - We are pleased to announce that the inaugural "Unity in Diversity" Global Dialogue Forum, Bridging Cultures - Building Peace, under the auspices of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations ended with great success.
For more information about the Forum:

The Unity in Diversity Forum: Towards a new momentum for intercultural understanding and cooperation 
5 Oct 2010 - The organising committtee from the Global Dialogue Foundation are adding the final touches...

Melbourne to Host inaugural Global Dialogue Forum, 10-12 October.
Posted 19 Sep 2010 - Hosted by the Global Dialogue Foundation under the auspices of the United Nations Alliance of

Posted 14 Aug 2010 - Hundreds of Students from across the World simulate a UN Summit on the Alliance of Civilizations

An inaugural Forum of the Global Dialogue Foundation
As an inclusive platform, the Forum is bringing together knowledge, energy and experience of a wide cross-section of partners, all committed to:

"Unity in Diversity-10.10.10" Inaugural Global Dialogue Forum
15 July '10, At the initiative of the Global Dialogue Foundation and under UN Alliance of Civilizations auspices...

GDF forms partnership with the UN Alliance of Civilizations 
31 May 2010 - In conjunction with Deloitte, British Council and Vivendi, Global Dialogue Foundation...

GDF voice at UN Alliance of Civilizations RIO FORUM, 27 May 2010
27 May '10, At the Open Space of the UN Alliance of Civilizations Forum in Rio de Janeiro...

Intercultural dialogue crucial for world peace, Ban tells Security Council 
26 May 2010 - The Security Council today highlighted the vital role of intercultural dialogue in securing global peace, with Secretary...

UN Alliance of Civilizations Rio Forum, 27-29 May 2010
On 27-29 May 2010, a powerful network of over 2,000 political and corporate leaders, civil society activists, youth, journalists, foundations,

GDF Unity in Diversity-10.10.10, Melbourne Forum, 10-12 Oct. 2010
Using dialogue as a powerful method  for negotiating solutions, the many  problems that today are considered ?too big? or ?too complex? to handle by any one government, can actually be solved. 

World Conference on Dialogue among Religions and Civilizations - Ohrid 2010
Second World Conference on Inter-Religious and Inter-Civilization Dialogue : ?Religion and Culture...

Intercultural dialogue is a must in ever more connected world, Ban says
21 April 2010 - With the implosion of financial markets on Wall Street and the explosion of a volcano in Iceland highlighting in just two...

Plastic vortex wreaks havoc on marine life
Updated Fri Apr 16, 2010 11:20am AEST - The plastic vortex of the Northern Pacific is where much of the non-biodegradable rubbish...

Marine Activists raise awareness of plastic vortex
April 13, 2010 - Here's a question, have you ever heard of the Plastic Vortex? If not, do not be surprised, as most of the people involved...

March 8 - International Women's Day
International Women's Day (IWD) is marked and celebrated by most women on Earth

Meet the National Director of Catholic Mission India, Mgr Siluvai Ignaci
5 March 2010 - Invitation to a public forum and dinner

15 February 2010 - GDF board members and guests gathered last weekend marking the inaugural ?Global Dialogue Day of Friendship?.

Book by Genevieve Brayley
1 February 2010 - The first of a series of books by Genevieve Brayley about project Noah's Ark-Global Sanctuaries is now available.

Word from the Founder
9 January 2010 - It is my pleasure to congratulate and wish all the best to GDF and all within/ with GDF on finalizing the process of establishing and registering GDF as a charitable trust.

More than just a shipping container
17 December 2009 - The shipping container is continually shown to be a rather versatile item. Recently, in Australia two 40-foot containers were turned into a mobile medical clinic and a wildlife 

21 November 2009
It is my pleasure to announce the beginning of the long-awaited GDF PACIFIC PROJECT with its three
major phases as an introduction in the fourth, i.e., a general and final phase. This project is significant and is noble work: Universal Global Dialogue,

Announcing Unity in Diversity project - Australia & Asia Pacific
16 October 2009
Unity in Diversity is essential to achieving mankind's goal for inhabiting the planet as a safer and better place to live, where peace and harmony with self and nature ensures....

Windows of the World celebrates success
23 September 2009 - The inaugural Windows of the World 2009 event united citizens,
organisations and communities around projects building capacity for sustainable life.

When forests burn
25 September 2009
When forests burn... in those moments, all wildlife ?ees together to be saved. They don't attack each
other. They are not unfriendly towards each other and are without self destructive tendencies. Rather,
the will to be saved, takes over. 



Windows of the World
18 September 2009
Celebration of Celebrations, Saturday, 19th September, 1pm to sunset
Windows of the World inspired by the Changing the Dream Symposium, showcases leading projects creating sustainability, social justice and community connection.

Global Shipment at Windows of the World - Fed Square 12, 13 & 19 September 2009 
11 September 2009 - GDF News desk
Two painted shipping containers were delivered to Federation Square yesterday to mark the beginning
of the Windows of the World event. 

Latest press... Maya Shahani, SAGE Foundation
2 August 2009
It feels so good to see the SAGE family swell to this huge number. A warm welcome to all of you. I am posting a brief outline of what SAGE is all about so that you could then decide where you would like to participate. 

Project Kaisei Joins Forces with the Bureau of International Recycling
27 July 2009
The Bureau of International Recycling Commits to Help Fund Project Kaisei's First Expedition to the Northern Pacific Gyre.

Project Kaisei Expedition Departs for North Pacific Gyre 
27 July 2009
Two Vessels Launch Voyages to Assess Marine Debris Impacts on Ocean and to Find Solutions

Taronga Zoo's baby elephant named
Taronga Zoo is celebrating the birth of Australia's first male elephant calf to mum Thong Dee. Footage shows the baby staying close to mum, wearing a harness to keep him out of harms way.

Announcing Kaisei Voyage
7 July 2009
Project Kaisei Followers:
It is with great excitement that we are able to announce our voyage to the N. Pacific Gyre this summer.  We will be leaving from both San Francisco and San Diego, on two boats, the Kaisei, and the Scripps research vessel, the New Horizon, on August 2nd.
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Saving Wildlife A Class Act
1st July 2009 - Diamond Valley Leader
Eltham Primary School students have helped paint a modern version of Noah's Ark. The 13 m-long shipping container, decorated by students last week,will be turned into a classroom and sent to Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in India.
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Mankind Destiny  
12 June 2009
Time is unstoppable - passing by... Eons, ...millenniums have passed by...
Generations of men and women have given the best of their life, achievements, dreams, ideas ,
for the development and future of a whole generation, generations and mankind...

Planet Ocean: Riding a Green Ship to the Future We Want - Project Kaisei  Posted: June 22, 2009 12:00 PM
Environmentalists have had to spend a lot of time sounding alarms over the years. So it's exciting to hear about a project that is taking on an appalling problem with practical solutions and creating commercial diesel fuel technology at the same time.

Attention: School Principal - Engaging schools in support of:    
Noah's Ark - Global Sanctuaries & Village Development 

18 June 2009 - All schools involved will decorate a colorful hexagon with their school name represented inside one of the containers. The containers are being exhibited during the months of July and September - one at Collingwood Children's Farm and the other at Federation Square.
Download invitation

GDF aims at ?Balanced Development of Humankind and this World? 
17th June 2009 - Recently awarded with continuing major global projects lead over many years by Dr. Vasko M. Najdovski as part of Global Dialogue Initiative, Global Dialogue Foundation announces it's practical pursuit of Universal Brotherhood of Man - Unity in Diversity. 

Project Kaisei Launches Global World Ocean Sports Clean-up Event
(Hong Kong, June 2, 2009) Project Kaisei, an environmental organization that has been established to address the problem of ?oating plastic waste in the Paci?c Ocean, has announced the launch of its global World Ocean Day event.  This event brings together four of the largest ocean sports communities for a common cause - cleaning our seas. 

Attention: School Principal - Engaging schools in support of:    
Noah's Ark - Global Sanctuaries & Global/Local Village Development

In a new way forward for reforming community, Noah's Ark and Global/ Local Village are two initiatives aimed at improving lifestyle in developing countries, and preserving sanctuaries for safe- keeping our wildlife.

Hawaiian Garbage-to-Energy Plant Recycles Derelict Fishing Nets for Electricity
28 May 2009 - Now that Oprah has turned her spotlight on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, that great mass of garbage floating in the ocean has finally caught the public eye.  An upcoming ocean garbage expedition to the patch, dubbed Project Kaisei, should draw even more attention when it launches this summer.

Global Shipment Begins
Monday 25th May 2009
The practical commencement of projects Noah's Ark and Global/Local Villages at Eltham & Vermont Schools in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia), starts Global Shipment - a huge and unique humanitarian endeavour.
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Vermont Secondary College Champions global social justice program
Friday 22 May 2009
At 8.35 am today, a 40' shipping container donated by APL, was received by Vermont Secondary College. The children, staff and community at the school, working with medical experts will purpose build this as the very first container by ?Global Shipment? in support of the Rock Your Life/SAGE - Global Village Development program in India.
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Noah's Ark-Global Sanctuaries starts at Eltham Primary School
20 May 2009
Students, teachers and community at Eltham Primary School will pilot the Noah's Ark-Global Sanctuary preservation program. In conjunction with Bumblebee Factory and Global Shipment, the school will work with zoo-keepers and associated organisations, in converting the shipping container into an educational facility for donation to an Indian Tiger Conservation Park.
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Windows of the World - Exhibition, Federation Square
Windows of the World is an exhibition in Melbourne, connecting with other cities around the world for six consecutive Tuesdays during August and September 2009 - showcasing initiatives where environmental sustainability, spiritual full?lment and social justice prevail, as the overriding principals of our time.


Commitment to Action - CGI (SAGE Foundation)
Hong Kong, China, and Mumbai, India, December 10, 2008 - SAGE Foundation announced at the Clinton Global Initiative Asia event that it will establish a self- sustaining model village in Maharashtra, India.The SAGE Foundation has also established a partnership with the Global Dialogue Foundation (GDF), which will be collecting goods in usable form from participating countries ranging from cars to televisions to septic systems, and send them to the village.