Administrative Board of Directors


Adv. K.K. Sarachandra Bose - Chairman
Business lawyer for businessmen; Philanthropist for the downtrodden.

Professional Career:  a lawyer specialized in Corporate, Commercial & Contract laws; practicing in Dubai and other jurisdictions for the last over 30 years; handled over 10,000 cases during 1980-85 periods alone; a member of the International Bar Association; a visiting professor in International Business law; a legal columnist in several publications; addressed over 100 law seminars as a guest speaker; a partner at Dar Al-Adalah, Advocates & Legal Consultants, Dubai; travelled widely to represent his international clients; uncompromising to fraud and injustice.
Law is universal; Ignorance of law is no excuse, even for a layman, especially business law for businessmen.
Social Career: founder chairman of Gulf-Trivandrum Airfare Forum (1989), campaigned and got up-gradation of Trivandrum airport as the 5th International airport in India in the year 1991 after independence, introduced competition in the sector and hence dearly called as the 'Airport Bose'; organizer of the Onam festival for 'Global Peace & Friendship' under the banner Onam92,93,94,95 in Dubai, and Onam96&97 in Kerala, and hence dearly called as the 'Onam Bose'; over 11,000 guests at Onam92, over 15,000 guests each at Onam 93&94, over 25,000 guests at Onam95 and Onam lunch served to all guests at all festivals. Onam95 Car Rally was also held in Dubai. Onam96&97 in Kerala were followed by group marriages of several couples selected from orphanages and Onam lunch served to over 56,000 inmates of all the orphanages in Kerala; founder chairman of Overseas Indian Charitable Society (1995).

Follow your heart.
Advocates & Legal Consultants

Maya Shahani - Vice Chairperson
Chairperson of SAGE Foundation (www.thesagefoundation.com)
Chairperson of Centre for Management (www.centreformanagement.com)
Trustee of Shahani Trust(www.shahanigroup.com).
Governing Board Member of the HSNC Board (www.hsncb.ac.in)
Founder Trustee of Women's Movement for Peace and Prosperity (www.wmpp.org) under the aegis of Times Foundation (www.timesfoundation.org)
World Wide Wealth Ambassador for XL Nation (www.xlnation.org).
Education Board member of Sadhu Vaswani Mission (www.sadhuvaswani.org) and Priyadarshni Academy (www.priyadarshniacademy.org)
Patron of Cancer Patients Aid Association (www.cpaaindia.org)
Governing Board Member of the Bombay Mothers' and Children Welfare Society (www.bmcws.com)
Chairperson, of the Justice H.K. Chainani Elder's Home.
Maya fulfills her duties with compassion, love and commitment.


PecePhoto.JPG - large
Peter (Pece) Gorgievski - C.E.O & Director-General / Chief Executive Coordinator
Peter is a humankind enthusiast devoted to humanitarian progress. He is a global citizen. Peter's greatest passion and focus is creating a culture of peace throughout the world. He is co-founder of GDF, Global Shipment and Unity in Diversity.
Brief History:
2011-14: CL Network Vic Inc. / Whittlesea Community Leadership Network (WCLN) - Founding Vice Chairperson & Secretary. WCLN is a not-for-profit community association working under auspices of the City of Whittlesea. It provides leadership training and capacity building via access to resources for community-based organisations and cultural and ethnic groups. WCLN facilitates intercultural dialogue and integration with mainstream society.
2007-Current: Global Dialogue Foundation
2001-07: Managing Director, DGX-Asia Pacific.  Jointly establishing and developing new companies in several countries.
1999-01: Vice President, Direct Container Line/NACA Logistics-FE Asia, stationed in Hong Kong and Singapore.
1992-99: Direct Container Line-Melbourne, held various positions including State Manager.



Mike Handcock - Senior Director
From a background as a financial planner, senior manager of New Zealand's largest financial institution and Master Wealth Coach for XL Results Foundation, the leading entrepreneur organization in the world Mike Handcock is an innovator, author, musician and professional international speaker and coach. He has written six books including a best seller nominated for self improvement book of the year. His books are available in 6 countries.

Mike has spoken and coached more than 30,000 people in twenty countries. He has been called Asia's leading Edu-Tainer and one of the Top Ten Coaches in Asia Pacific. He consistently scores over ten out of ten on the quality of his coaching.

With a background in senior management for a leading corporate, Mike is an entrepreneur. He currently owns no less than five businesses globally and is a board member of SAGE Foundation committed to assisting underprivileged children in India. Mike is a passionate musician with nine albums to his credit and is a life member and master wealth coach of XL Results Foundation now the world's largest entrepreneur network.

Rock Your Life- is driven by Mike's passion to assist others to play a bigger game for themselves and the planet through attaining wealth,purpose and to have an extraordinary life, with a social conscience. It is an incredible life shaping experience that combines music, education and philosophy.


Andrew Cass - Treasurer-General
Since graduating in 1983 with a degree in Accounting, Andrew's professional life has encompassed the provision of financial advice to individuals and businesses of varying size.

In 1994, Andrew established the accounting practice Cambel Cass (Melbourne), to continue and expand his involvement in the finance industry through the provision of a quality and timely advice.

In more recent years Andrew has endeavored to increase his involvement in local community based organizations that require the assistance of professionals without the associated cost.

Science & Technology - Research & Development

Mihajlo (Michael) Najdovski - Director
Biotechnology graduate, currently working as a Microbiologist for one of the worlds leading pharmaceutical companies in the plasma industry. With a strong interest in genetics and life extension techniques, Michael will be undertaking further studies in the field of Biomolecular principles. Michael is also a strong believer in well-being and disease prevention through proper eating habits and an active lifestyle. He has commenced his further Biotechnology/ Bio-molecular studies. He is co-founder of GDF/GDI, Global Shipment and Unity in Diversity.

-In my lifetime, I want to see a world where people are treated equally, where people who have give to people who don't, where more capable nations help those less fortunate ones - without a hidden agenda. A world united, without borders, race, religious conflicts and a monetary system that cripples nations and holds back anything that won't profit a certain few insatiable autocrats. We are all the same, when this is realised and we begin to work together as one rather than compete as many, we will achieve advancement beyond our belief.-   


Dr. Ilija Najdovski PhD Nanotechnology - Director
A graduate in Nanotechnology with Honours in Chemistry in researching a novel pathogenic sensor; Ilija is currently working as a Validation Officer for one of the worlds leading pharmaceutical companies in the plasma industry. Interested in future technological advancements in the fields of renewable energy and medical devices, Ilija is developing his career within the medical industry with future plans in research & development and he has completed his PhD in Nanotechnology.? He is co-founder of GDF/GDI, Global Shipment and Unity in Diversity.

-If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed- - Albert Einstein