World Civil Society-Universal Dialogue-GDF Sectors

Sector Board of Directors  
Our objective is to promote dialogue for increased understanding and maintaining the identity of original traditions of each civilisation / culture and foster their impact on the development of mainstream society, for the benefit and development of civilisation / culture of peace from planet Earth, therefore humankind in general.  We believe that cultural diversity is key towards everlasting unity of humankind.
Sector Board of Directors 
With family as the nucleus of society, our interest is to promote and foster dialogue among individuals and service providers of daily needs,increasing awareness for a healthy life style of a family as fundamental to a healthy society.  Additionally, to promote dialogue where individuals with their specific characteristics and focus on morals, ethics, sport, healthy eating habits and mind / body / soul relaxation are developing a healthy family, expanding into a healthy society.
Sector Board of Directors 
Our goal is to promote dialogue among individuals, families,organisations, foundations about the benefits of healthy lifestyle,diet; food and fasting, as well as dialogue and close cooperation among alternate and classic medicines for the development of technology and education programs making for a healthier population.
Sector Board of Directors  
Our aim and goal is to promote and foster dialogue among religions and faiths.  In today's world there are numerous religions, theological and philosophical movements, Hermetic groups and other non-religious movements, all of which have their individual teachings but which, on closer inspection, basically give identical interpretations for the same things and mention or celebrate the same persons as playing key roles.  In some respects the individual beliefs and traditions overlap and in the past this has been a source of conflict.
Sector Board of Directors  
Our goal is to promote and foster dialogue among science and religion for developing a framework uniting humankind in 'Brotherhood'.  There is a need for systematizing knowledge, teachings, customs, traditions and so on - of all people on the planet; scientific as well as spiritual / religious, material as well as non-material knowledge for finding common ground for cooperation, postulating scientific explanation, examination, proof and standardization of our energetic-spiritual life in correlation with our material life.
Sector Board of Directors  
We believe that science and new technologies will make a difference not only in ordinary life of individuals everywhere on the planet, but also will help healing of our planet as well.  We are therefore promoting and encouraging dialogue in this area and at the same time, we have an interest in the development of science and technologies making a difference in the health of ordinary life of citizens.  By helping maintain health and healthy lifestyle of ordinary citizens, they will create a healthy community, which will create a healthy society,creating a healthy world.
 Sector Board of Directors 
One of our main goals is to promote dialogue, encourage and foster a safe and clean environment, as well as founding technology, making our world,including space, ocean and desert, safe and clean.  With the increase in space tourism, as well as nuclear waste measures forcing man to orbit, it is imperative that awareness increases so that all start thinking about preventing rubbish in space now. Rubbish in space can create future problems such as cancers as we know them today and many other known and un-known health and other problems.
Sector Board of Directors 
Our goal is promoting and fostering support for citizens, organisations and communities on various levels around the world via dialogue and others possible ways.  Together as we address various problems, we shall articulate the positive outcomes of ours as others efforts, humankind projects, works, research etc and continue to inspire developing benefits for all of humankind, now and in the future, here and in space and through time.
Sector Board of Directors  
It is our aim to raise awareness around the the effects of misused learning and practices, those which disturb nature's balance, and harm the environment.  Also, those harming humankind's natural way of life, resulting in ill health. It is also our aim to assist those who are experiencing crisis or have difficulty gaining education by providing resources, services and a scientific basis for expanding awareness/consciousness for their improved and rapid development, towards an easier, and better life.  We believe effective education includes; material / physical, energetic / spiritual, ancient and modern knowledge.
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Disclaimer: Global Dialogue Foundation reserves the right to disassociate from activities of its members, for which it is unaware or has not been informed, at all times and based on any and all circumstances.