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Hundreds of container ships sit idle and are available to carry much-needed materials to developing countries in support of human living conditions and the maintenance of plant and animal habitats.
In most developed countries, large quantities of materials are either considered superseded technology and treated as excess or are simply kept in storage facilities.
Through Project Global Shipment, we aim to redistribute these under-utilised materials in support of improving living conditions and establishing a pathway for balanced and progressive development for all humankind! 
Examples of Global Dialogue Foundation partnership projects include:
Rock Your Life-SAGE Foundation model village project announced at the Clinton Global Initiative Asia event during December 2008.
We invite partners. Enquiries may be emailed to: info@globaldialoguefoundation.org

Based on the scientific theory that macro (the Universe) requires balance just as the micro (us-individual), we anticipate that by redistributing available materials to areas where they're needed most, we can achieve long-awaited 'material' balance on our planet. 
Second hand cars, trucks, buses, earth moving equipment, various machinery, televisions, toilets, sinks, taps, water tanks, septic systems, general sanitation supplies, medical equipment, education materials, etc.
* Load a thousand ships and deliver to India, Africa, Latin America
* Deliver goods directly to the people
* Become wholehearted friends
* Assist the improvement of lifestyle and image 
* Revive our global economy; developing friendly competition
* Achieve material balance by modernising the developing world - alleviating poverty as quickly as possible and allowing their profit and contribution to the global economy
* Remove old technology - creating space and demand for the next generation, First world technology, including space exploration
* Develop a need for road building programs, fuel stations and motor industry
* Inspire and encourage tourism
* Involve large corporations in long-term investment opportunities
* Encourage development of power plants using water and tanks
* Improve sanitation, clean environment and reduced illness and mortality
* Shift the world; a new look and feel
* Encourage an increasing desire for work in the developing world
* Develop a need for new technology, repayable loans, and partnerships
* Create a sustainable growth and development path equalizing the position of the people on the planet
* Relieve the heavy burden of charity
* Create a new wave of tourism; visitors from the developing world to USA, Australia, Europe, etc
* Encourage the development of trade, education and manufacturing (lower technology items to begin with, spare parts, mechanics, etc.)
* Create a vision that within 20-30 years, India, Africa and Latin America are well established
* Facilitate cultured dialogue - developing a system for global development
* Develop affiliations with private enterprise, large organizations, banks and various foundations
 * Long term - improving and gaining greater control on immigration process with a win-win solution for both developed and developing countries and the ordinary people
 * Unite spirituality/religion (not interfering with original faiths) together with material/science, creating equilibrium - bringing material and spiritual balance to our planet,
* Bring spirit back on earth.
On achieving the above, our goal and vision with the help of our known and unknown friends is to focus on continuing as Space Shipment as an ideal solution for the development of humankind. 
Space Shipment and space colonization represents a shift from a current lack of visionary global experience riddled with violence, towards a vision and future filled with challenge, prosperity, joy, happiness and progress for all.... without end.


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Security Cargo Network (SCN) is a global alliance of independent international freight forwarders who have joined together to offer superior service to shippers for their cargo at both the origin and destination points. For more information, visit http://www.securitycargonetwork.com/

We empathise with other individuals and foundations, as well as public and private- business, corporate, education, faith and other sectors, who similarly and at the same time, have been involved in long-term support and projects with efforts on increasing balance in the world, such as Tony Blair - supporting and strengthening governments towards their unity and improved progress.  For more information, visit https://www.institute.global/

12 June 2013
Melbourne Business School at The University of Melbourne joins forces with Global Dialogue Foundation to further the sustainable establishment of the Global Shipment project.


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