Second Edition
Dr. Vasko M. Najdovski
Faith & Reason in Dialogue
An Introduction and Basic








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Book by Dr. Vasko M. Najdovski
Director - Faith & Science
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Second Edition
enriched with latest scientific research and studies that confirm the presentations contained
LIGHT Leading Towards Perfection
The publication "LIGHT" presents evidence based on scientific research that humans radiate photons, i.e. light, and they are beings of Light indeed.
Also, MORE IMPORTANTLY, this evidence is presented by two independent teams. Not only that humans radiate photons, but also that humans emit electromagnetic radiation, which is the second component that completes the postulated definition of Bio-energy - finally after this long research process in this field.
LIGHT presents scientific explanation about the mechanism of the 'gut feeling' and the 'sixth sense'.  Among much else, it includes scientific presentation and explanation about the mechanism of healing/ Bio-energy therapy, as well as a presentation and explanation about human spiritual needs and prayer, i.e., meditation as a core spiritual need for humans from every faith and every religion, every culture and civilization past, present and future, and from every walk of life, opening the doors wide for dialogue among humans as equal - as beings of LIGHT, therefore dialogue among science and religion as well.
In brief one can say that:
LIGHT is an introduction and basic into dialogue among faith and reason and creative evolution theory. Its primary objective is to pave a path for dialogue among 'religions', and 'science and religion'. It uses scientific explanation from subatomic and quantum physics for building the foundations, as it enters the deepest mysteries of us-humans, of our world and universe and also possible other realms and dimensions of existence. It paves a path for scientifically based standards for a moral and ethically based life and more.
The author explains the relationship and interactions between "micro and macro cosmos", i.e., the individual as the micro and everything else, including the Universe as macro in general. Therefore, the communication and interactive relationship at bio-energetic level between the individual and everything else in the Universe is scientifically postulated and elaborated.
It substantiates basic explanation about our feelings-emotions and related phenomena in connection with awareness, altruism and consciousness.

Within LIGHT, many of the currently missing pieces to 'creation' and 'evolution' and the connections between them making one inseparable reality are well-elaborated. It explains how 'micro' (us) and 'macro' (universe), align towards one unity and are on a precise path of creative evolution... with all our similarities.
As an introduction and basic into dialogue among faith and reason and creative evolution theory, LIGHT makes dialogue among cultures, civilisations, people, science and religion possible. The author outlines wide avenues for 'Dialogue" among each and all other levels necessary for forging our new way forward to a safer and more peaceful co-existence on the planet.

Uniquely combining the above and many other issues, whether visible or not at first glance, LIGHT unnoticeably leads us on a real "pathway" for discovering answers to the 'always pending' question - WHY LIFE itself with all its mysteries and beauties, unique for our own personal journey and for the things around us?
By correlating religious / faith traditions (their ethic and moral standards) with science (including scientific evidence) in the form of an introduction and basic to creative evolution theory, LIGHT provides fundamental data about our "feelings", "emotions", "altruism", consciousness and more. It enriches, adds value and fullness to life.
Explained is how each organism, e.g., insect, plant, animal, has it's unique life and emotional system and it's own basis for understanding the environment and interacting with other organisms - similar to that of humans and of bacteria. Scientific research examples for those that are higher evolved - dolphins (Florida,USA) and ants are provided.
Various items related to "micro" and "macro" - such as the Universe as a whole are included. E.g., from astrophysics - black holes discharging energy and attacking an entire galaxy which may be several thousands of light years away. In an impressive and peculiar demonstration and supported using NASA scientific images and evidence, LIGHT provides an understanding of the interconnection and the level of 'communication' on a universal scale.
Also explained is "macro" Universe having its own unique conception of the environment, which scientifically confirms that our galaxy vibrates with three tones like "three huge trumpets" and that the vibration of our entire planet generates a hum similar to the recent vibration registered of the sound of molecules. All of which speaks about the existence of one type of vibration everywhere- such as a "Word" which "was at the beginning", like a vibration or "fluctuation of the quantum vacuum" as explained in scientific books, yet also in old religious books.
On the basis of the above, i.e., through fluctuation of the quantum vacuum, the presentation is a continuation into the creation of something from nothing - from just a vacuum. The creation of subatomic particles, atoms, molecules and their evolution through the creation of various life forms and life itself as we know it, and a Universe and its evolution as we know it - somehow connecting Genesis with Darwin through quantum physics, Einstein and others like him, is presented. This is supported by findings from subatomic physics and quantum mechanics with postulated theories and rules from well-known physicists like Einstein and others, mainly Nobel prize winners. (1), (2).
The creating of micro and macro cosmos and their evolution towards perfection with the possibilities that other realms and dimensions exist is explained based on scientific evidence - mainly correlating with the String and Super String theory.  ...  
- Central spiritual need for humans from every religion, faith and traditional faith, including atheists who believe in natural things, are faith prayer/ deep prayer and meditation/ deep transcendental meditation, in which and during which, believers / individuals or collective, are focusing,  i.e., observing one bright reality out of many negative/ dark possibilities, and according to quantum physics, they are observers. So these practices are fundamental for human well-being, nature etc. ?? Science, especially Quantum Physics and Religion/Faith, are part of one wholeness and with time they are / and they will form an inseparable wholeness and one unity for the benefit of mankind. So Darwin, Einstein and Genesis will come together as one inseparable unity. The publication "Light" - Second edition update is nothing but a doorway towards a higher level of human and spiritual consciousness, awareness and existence, based on scientific facts --
- Dr. Vasko M. Najdovski
-- Science without Religion is Lame, - Religion without Science is Blind--  Albert Einstein

In Part 2, Dr. Najdovski explains the mechanism of bio-energy (quantum touch) therapy, removing mystery associated with the 'energy medicine' phenomena. Dr. Najdovski presents 20 years of research and includes a summary of results from over few hundred case studies. He postulates a well-established mechanism based on the latest scientific discoveries.
Bio-energy Therapy Research Update

The Good News in this field, is that Bio-energy (BE) Therapy research has been completed after 20+ years.

The results are positive, good and unique/ peculiar, and are among the first produced anywhere in the world. The author is unaware of any other research of this type and/or proportion in terms of; duration, number of people treated, number of treatments and with that, delivering invaluable scientifically based results, assumptions and conclusions, which are increasing awareness and paving paths for a future of study, research, education and technologies.

The author explains and clarifies mystified phenomena of centuries related to healing. Above all, this research provides insight into this 'phenomena' - natural energetic, interactive condition/ process or similar, that delivers positive results through Bio-energy therapy (BET); improving ill conditions as seen from a scientific viewpoint in the short-term, post bio-energy therapy, as with a medium and long-term, including acute and chronic ill conditions.

This research provides expanded knowledge about the mechanism and its effects. I.e., how BE, as by definition- quantum energetic electromagnetic radiation, affects conditions of the treated clients in a general, macro-physical and micro-cellular based level, outside of the cell in the inter cellular space, as well as in the cell itself, with various mechanisms explained in the publications, even on genetic level, repairing the DNA ("photo repair" or similar).

In completing this project, invaluable conclusions were reached. These include required frequency of treatments for achieving positive results; in acute and chronic ill conditions, in order to gain and maintain positive results and to keep already improved previously ill condition stable and/ or under control, and/ or improving the client's conditions through BE- self-maintenance, self-regeneration and self-healing, self-balancing and all else in a positive sense of meaning, which was delivered and observed.  
The results referred have been reported to high-level scientific and religious institutions throughout the world. They open the space for dialogue of scientific and religious thought and for progress for common good, and a step closer to applying this research in a practical professional and educative sense/ system.

This arduous effort has resulted in several publications and books, including the scientifically based 'Light', which fuses LIGHT Part 1 and Part 2.

As a pioneering initiative, this whole work is of fundamental value for raising the level of spiritual awareness among humans and a balanced material and spiritual progress for humankind achievable through dialogue among faith and reason, which as a much-needed process, is in its starting phase. 
LIGHT combines Part 1 and Part 2 of Dr. Najdovski's writings from over 20 years. Mainly due to it's high-level scientific and faith related address of sensitive topics, some parts may need to be read more than once to be properly understood. The book is an appropriate introduction and basic to Creative Evolution Theory. 
You can own this e-book now.
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Second Edition
enriched with latest scientific research and studies
that confirm the presentations contained


About the Author:

Dr. Vasko M. Najdovski has researched and written widely on bio-energy science and bio-energy therapy over many years. He trained as a medical doctor in his native Macedonia and worked as a medical doctor at Warrnambool Base and District Hospital in Victoria, Australia. He now lives with his family in Melbourne, Australia and works with the International Center for Research and Study of Bio-energy.  He is the founder of Global Dialogue Foundation and various other organizations in Australia and abroad through which he expresses over 20 years of active humanitarian and philanthropic work. Using "Dialogue" as a means towards the future, Dr Najdovski's work aims at building pathways and increased awareness for cooperation and dialogue among humans, nations, cultures, civilizations, religions, science and religion, also building bridges for cooperation, understanding, and friendship.  Also, working towards a brighter and safer environment while protecting our planet and opening wide avenues for space exploration and inhabiting space. At present, his focus and interest is scientific research and new technologies, particularly in the area of Bio-energy Science.  

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