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-NEW- The Blue Planet effect: the plastics revolution is just the start

25 Mar 2018

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-NEW- Sea turtle survey shows the endangered animals are making a comeback

2 May 2018

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From undersea, Seychelles' president calls for better ocean protection

15 April 2018

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Battle against plastic in world's oceans gets £61.4m war chest

16 April 2018

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Helped by floating robots, UN-backed research ship scours Indian Ocean for plastic waste


14 August 2015

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On World Day, UN urges global resolve to 'appreciate, protect and restore' Earth's oceans


8 June 2015

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UN proposes 'bold and innovative' measures by Europe to reduce lives lost at sea


12 March 2015

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Posted 20 Feb 2015 

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Science -vs- PR hype doesn’t hold up: Satellite images reveal ocean acidification from space


17 Feb 2015

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New satellite reveals places on Earth most at risk from ocean acidification


17 Feb 2015

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Climate change and the oceans


20 Feb 2015 

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New software may allow better protection of endangered shark species, says UN agency


19 Feb 2015

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Post-Conflict Macedonia - Inclusive Society Model - Update 16-1-2015 (First published 2012)

Jan 15 2015 - Model for Intercultural, inter-ethnic, inter-religious, inclusive and sustainable societies

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UN meeting hears call for greater marine protections as plastic waste accrues in oceans
1 October 2014

On World Maritime Day, UN urges ratification of conventions to protect global seaways
25 September 2014

To combat hunger, UN agency launches initiative for sustainable use of world's oceans
25 September 2014

New UN-backed protections for sharks, manta rays enter into effect
12 September 2014

SAMOA: New partnerships seek to protect world's oceans
3 September 2014

14 August 2014 – Last month the UN Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals... 

Unity in Diversity World Civil Society - Establishing Initiative Bodies, Message From Founder

6 August 2014 - Today the world is extremely mixed and polarized,

UN officials spotlight vital role of seafarers in global trade, transport
25 June 2014 – Seaborne trade is the engine room of the global economy... 

Ban urges recommitment to landmark treaty governing use of world's oceans
9 June 2014 – Marking the upcoming 20th anniversary of the entry into force... 

'One planet, one ocean - together, we must protect them', urges UN on World Oceans Day
8 June 2014 – To commemorate World Oceans Day, the United Nations... 

Fish more important than ever in providing jobs, feeding the world - UN report
19 May 2014 – A new United Nations report highlights the growing role of fish... 

Participants at UN-backed summit commit to improve ocean health, secure food security
25 April 2014 – A United Nations-backed summit wrapped up in the Netherlands today... 

Long-term food production must factor in potential impacts of climate change - UN official
23 April 2014 – Countries need to shift to more sustainable food systems to adapt... 

UN-backed summit on food security, 'blue economy' urges coordinate action
22 April 2014 – Overfishing, habit destruction and pollution are atop the agenda... 

Smart Ocean/Smart Industries for the Arctic
24 March 2014 – The World Ocean Council is advancing the role of industry in gathering Arctic... 

Marking World Maritime Day, Ban spotlights role of transport in sustainable development
26 September 2013 – Marking the occassion of World Maritime Day, United Nations

UN hails entry into force of new convention for global shipping industry
20 August 2013 – A new United Nations maritime labour convention - hailed as a "bill of...

UN court opens hearings on whaling dispute between Australia and Japan
27 June 2013 – The United Nations' highest court has opened hearings in a case..

UN General Assembly set to explore impacts of ocean acidification
17 June 2013 – The United Nations General Assembly will begin today its consideration of ..

Marking World Oceans Day, UN official urges coordinated action to reverse marine degradation
10 June 2013 – In observance of World Oceans Day, a senior United Nations official called ..

On World Oceans Day, UN chief issues call to protect marine environment
8 June 2013 – Marking World Oceans Day, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon ..

Sustainable development of oceans key to ending hunger, says UN official at Pacific meeting
12 April 2013 – The fight against hunger and climate change will hinge on the success of...

Ban calls for concerted global action to save world's oceans from pollution, acidification
11 April 2013 - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called on world leaders to take

27 March 2013 - As part of the Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS), leading ocean companies are

UN-backed forum extends protections for sharks, manta rays and precious timbers
14 March 2013 – Five types of sharks and manta rays today formally gained new trade

Countries agree on UN-backed guidelines to curb illegal fishing
28 February 2013 – After years of negotiations, member countries of the United Nations

WOC to facilitate industry action on U.S. Ocean Policy and Marine Spatial Planning
7 February 2013 – The World Ocean Council (WOC) is launching a two-year

At General Assembly, Ban calls for universal commitment to ‘constitution of the oceans’

10 December 2012 – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today marked the 30th anniversary of

UN report highlights importance of ocean-friendly investments

14 December 2012 – Concrete action to reverse or mitigate environmental damage done to ...

Security Council stresses need for comprehensive global response to tackle piracy

21 November 2012 – The Security Council today reiterated its condemnation of all acts of...

Security Council stresses need for comprehensive global response to tackle piracy

21 November 2012 – The Security Council today reiterated its condemnation of all acts of...

Australia declares world's largest marine reserve

16 November 2012 – Australia has created the world's largest network of marine reserves, protecting...


8 November 2012 – Leading corporations from oil and gas, shipping, fisheries, marine science, ocean....

UN-led biodiversity plan aims to expand economy while protecting endangered species

18 October 2012 – Launched today by the United Nations development agency, an ambitious....

Global Ocean Business Community to Meet 22-24 April 2013 in Washington DC

24 October 2012 – Sam Walker, Group Marine Science Expert for BP International and Chairman of...

4 September 2012 – Senior fishing industry representatives and scientists will focus on the role of...

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29 August 2012 – The China Navigation Co. Pte. Ltd (CNCo) and Swire Pacific Offshore Operations Pte. Ltd...

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23 August 2012 – The World Ocean Council will convene the initial meeting of the “Arctic...

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Russia, Philippines ratify UN treaty guaranteeing maritime labour rights

21 August 2012 – A comprehensive range of labour standards for the world's 1.2 million merchant...

Secretary-General launches new initiative to protect world’s oceans
12 August 2012 – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today launched a new initiative to protect...

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19 July2012 – The Arctic Council will convene its first-ever “Business Dialogue” (Reykjavik, 17...

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Ocean Recovery Alliance Hosts Plasticity Forum at Rio+20 Earth Summit, the Bamboo "Wave," and Educational "Junk" Trips
Posted 22 July - For the first time at large international environmental event, plastic was the..

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UN report urges improved fisheries management to help ensure food security
9 July 2012 – The United Nations food agency today urged countries to effectively manage...

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Australia creates the world’s largest network of marine reserves
19/06/2012 - Australia's most precious ocean environments will be protected by the world's largest...

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Pacific countries told to adot ‘precautionary approach’ to seabed mineral mining
18/06/2012 - It’s been suggested that Pacific Island Countries and territories wishing to make use of...

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18 June 2012 – At “Rio+20” – the decadal UN Conference on Sustainable Development...

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Ban the plastic
12 June 2012 – ‘Uto ni Yalo’ captain Jonathan Smith believes Fiji citizens must become ...

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Come Join the Discussion at Rio+20: The Future of Plastic and Where the Leaders are Going...
Posted 12 June 2012 – Did You Know...... As the world gets ready for the Rio+20 Earth Summit, ...

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On World Oceans Day, Ban urges countries to protect marine environment
8 June 2012 – United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged countries ...

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On biodiversity day, UN chief calls for greater protection of world’s oceans
22 May 2012 – Marking the International Day for Biological Diversity, Secretary-General ...

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New UN-backed guidelines aim to protect rights to land, fisheries and forests
11 May 2012 – A United Nations-backed committee today endorsed a set of far-reaching global..

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Get Engaged with the Rio+20 Earth Summit and Plastic!

Posted 3 May 2012 – Join us on the Road to Rio to help address issues of plastic pollution of...

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UN highlights importance of investing in initiatives that support sustainable fishing
26 April 2012 – The United Nations today highlighted the importance of investing in initiatives...

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On centenary of Titanic sinking, UN official urges fresh commitment to maritime safety
13 April 2012 – On the centenary of the sinking of the passenger liner Titanic on its maiden...

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Ocean Industries to Meet in Washington, D.C. on Leadership in “Corporate Ocean Responsibility”
12 April 2012 – The World Ocean Council’s second “Sustainable Ocean Summit” (SOS) will be...

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UN official stresses importance of ocean treaty in governing use of seas
13 March 2012 – The United Nations legal chief has stressed the importance of the global treaty...

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16 March 2012 – The WOC and the Australian Association for Maritime Affairs...

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Leading French Energy Company Adds to Growing Alliance on Ocean Sustainability
13 February 2012 – “The World Ocean Council is extremely pleased to welcome TOTAL...

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UN-backed marine expedition highlights impact of climate change in oceans
9 February 2012 – A United Nations-backed scientific expedition which has been travelling...

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Countries adopt UN-backed declaration to protect marine environment
28 January 2012 – Delegates from 65 countries attending a United Nations-backed conference...

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Green investment needed in marine sector to trigger economic, social benefits – UN

25 January 2012 – The economic productivity of the marine sector can be significantly boosted...

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Ocean Recovery Alliance in 2012
Posted 23 January 2012 – Dear Friends of the Ocean, We are writing you with a quick update of some...

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19 December 2011 – Leading ocean companies have initiated a major new World Ocean Council...

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30 November 2011 – The Economist is organizing the “World Oceans Summit” (Singapore, 22-24...

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Australia to create world's largest marine reserve


25 November 2011 – (CNN) -- The Australian government has announced plans to establish...

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UN-mandated measures to significantly reduce carbon emissions from shipping


14 November 2011 – The implementation of United Nations-mandated energy-efficiency...

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Aquaculture has potential to cut poverty, combat food insecurity – UN report


9 November 2011 – More than 50 per cent of the world’s food fish will come from aquaculture, making...

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Call for massive Antarctic marine reserves


November 01, 2011 - A new coalition of environmental and conservation groups is calling for a...

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UN agencies to present plan for sustainable future of oceans


27 October 2011 – Four United Nations agencies have prepared a plan to limit the degradation of oceans...

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U.S government proposes expanding American Samoa's national marine sanctuary


25 Oct 2011 - The U.S federal government is proposing adding five new reef and offshore areas to the...

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Vast shark sanctuary created in Pacific


3 Oct 2011 - The Marshall Islands government has created the world's largest shark sanctuary...

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New Dolphin Species Discovered in Big City Harbor
Published September 16, 2011 - An entirely new species of dolphin has been discovered in...
Sharks' Virus Killer Could Cure Humans, Study Suggests


Published September 19, 2011 Sharks aren't just tough on the outside—a substance in...

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Ocean Conservancy Launches Trash Free Seas Alliance as 2011 Commitment to Action at Clinton Global Initiative 


WASHINGTON, Sept. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Ocean Conservancy today announced... 

How Far Will Dolphins Go to Relate to Humans?
19 August 2011 - OFF THE BAHAMAS — In a remote patch of turquoise sea, Denise L. Herzing...

Ocean Trash in the Spotlight (Again) at Clinton Global Summit 
20 Sept 2011 - The big mass of plastic trash swirling in the Pacific Ocean is finding itself in the spotlight...

Enforcing shark sanctuary will take attitude shift, new rules
19 August 2011 - A proposed Pacific shark sanctuary must overcome islanders? attitudes and commercial fishing...

Humanity's noisy impact on marine animals to be focus of UN-backed meeting  
17 August 2011 - With noisy human activity on the world's oceans possibly disrupting the well-being of marine...

Study identifies relatives of microbe that became part of us  
July 25, 2011 - Billions of years ago, a strange and fateful step in evolution took place, biologists say. Some bacteria...

New regulations to reduce marine pollution in Antarctic enter into force - UN
1 August 2011 - A ban on pollution from heavy grade fuel oils in the Antarctic region goes into effect today, the...

Ambitions as Deep as Their Pockets
1 August 2011 - A new generation of daredevils is seeking to plunge through nearly seven miles of seawater to the....

Regional Micronesian shark sanctuary ready by 2012
02/08/2011 - Leaders of North Pacific nations have passed a significant resolution on shark conservation during...

Pictures: "Bodies" Fill Underwater Sculpture Park
5 January 2011 - A snorkeler swims over life-size statues near Cancún, Mexico, in a late 2010 picture....

Marine life facing mass extinction, report says
21 June 2011 -London (CNN) -- Marine life is under severe threat from global warming, pollution and habitat loss,

UN marks World Oceans Day with calls to preserve seas for future generations
8 June 2011 - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called on all governments and peoples to play their part to...

Third of dead turtles killed by marine rubbish: study 
8 June 2011 - A new Australian study has revealed the number of turtles being killed by rubbish dumped in the ocean is... 

In a Changing Antarctica, Some Penguins Thrive as Others Suffer 
9 May 2011 - ROSS ISLAND, Antarctica ? Cape Royds, home to the southernmost colony of penguins in the world, is a rocky... 

Islanders lack climate change expertise: Lal 
3 May 2011 - Pacific Islanders currently lack expertise in climate change says the Director of the Pacific Centre for Environment... 



Sea level rise in the Pacific will contribute to environmental refugees


5 April 2011 - Most Pacific Island countries will continue to be affected by the impacts of sea level rise if Greenhouse...








New study warns on coral reef diversity


6 April 2011 - (CNN) -- The world's most diverse coral reef regions may be under greater threat from human populations...








Ocean depth and ice no longer a barrier to Climate change


5 April 2011 - A climate change science programme generating unprecedented   volumes of data is about to venture...








Trash in world's oceans threatens wildlife, economy and human health, UN warns


25 March 2011 - With vast amounts of marine litter posing multiple threats, from harming wildlife to damaging tourism...






Scientists blown away by rising wind speeds
Mar 25, 2011 - Wind speeds and wave heights over the world's oceans have been steadily increasing for the past ...



In the North Atlantic, Oceanic Currents Play a Greater Role in the Absorption of CarbonThan Previously Thought
ScienceDaily (Mar. 9, 2011) ? The ocean traps carbon through two principal mechanisms: a biological pump and a...

New UN project uses financial incentives to try to save the dugong 
14 March 2011 - The dugong, the reputed mermaid of seafarers' lore, was today thrown a lifeline by a United Nations ...

South Australian company completes Bluefin Tuna breeding program 
Mar 14th, 2011 - A WORLD-leading attempt by Clean Seas Tuna in South Australia to commercially breed Southern...

Ice-sheet melting raising global sea levels sooner than expected, study says 


9 March 2011 - THE pace at which the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are melting is 'accelerating rapidly'...








Scientists investigate death of over one million sardines


Mar 10th, 2011 - Biologists at the Department of Fish and Game office in Rancho expect to complete their testing ...








UN-backed report shows most of world's coral reefs under threat 24 February 2011 - An estimated 75 per cent of the world's coral reefs are threatened by local human activity, including ...








Antarctic expedition sets sail from Hobart
Posted Wed Jan 5, 2011 Australian and international scientists have sailed from Hobart on the Aurora Australis to investigate...



Growing ocean acidification threatens marine life, says UN- backed report 2 December 2010 - A new United Nations-backed report warns that unless governments cut carbon dioxide (CO2) ...






Conservation of 'crown jewels of the ocean' to be strengthened at UN meeting  1 December 2010 - Managers from the 43 marine sites on the World Heritage List of the United Nations Educational...



Oceans - time to take out the garbage 5 November 2010 - When the Plastiki - a boat made of 12 500 plastic bottles - arrived in Sydney in July, it alerted...






UN maritime agency commends champion of shipping safety 2 November 2010 - The United Nations maritime agency today honoured Mr. Johan Franson of Sweden for his contributions...




Save the Pacific Nov 1, 2010 - "The loss of biodiversity is killing us, it's killing the rest of life and we're going to kill ourselves. If we continue down...



UN urges management of inland fisheries for food, income stability  22 October 2010 - The need to conserve and properly manage inland fisheries is often neglected despite the crucial role they...






With world's coral reefs under threat, UN report urges coordinated protection measures
26 October 2010 - A new United Nations report urges a global partnership, backed by commitment and resources, to tackle...



Marine species threatened by pollution, climate change - UN report
19 October 2010 - Pollution, over-fishing and climate change are having an increasingly damaging impact on the world's...



Marine census shows ocean life ?richer? than expected 
Oct. 4, 2010 - A ten-year effort by marine explorers from more than 80 countries has led to the first global Census of Marine Life...

UN envoy for Somalia calls for coordinated strategy against maritime piracy
28 September 2010 - The United Nations envoy for Somalia today called for a coordinated political, military and development...

Can a Push for Corporate Disclosure Save Us From Our Plastics?
3 October 2010 - Usinginvestors?or potential investors?to put the squeeze on plastic abuse may be a powerful wave of the future.

Turkey, a major ship recycling nation, signs UN convention
14 September 2010 - The new President of the General Assembly, Joseph Deiss, today outlined the body's priorities during its 65th... Read more


On World Maritime Day, UN official urges tribute to seafarers
23 September 2010 - The head of the United Nations agency mandated to ensure the safety of the shipping industry today urged...

Ban highlights collective responsibility to protect world's oceans
3 September 2010 - Highlighting the centrality of the marine environment to human well-being, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today...

Deep, Open Ocean Is Vastly Under-Explored, Study Finds
ScienceDaily (Aug. 3, 2010) ? New research from the University of Sheffield has discovered that the deep open ocean, by far the...

Increased cooperation vital to tackling climate change in Pacific, Ban says
4 August 2010 - Closer international cooperation is necessary to help Pacific island nations combat the impact of climate change,

UN environment chief lauds marine adventurers as they end anti-pollution voyage
27 July 2010 - The head of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Achim Steiner, has congratulated the adventurer...

Rare giant coral spotted in Pacific 
29 Jul - Researchers from James Cook University in far north  Queensland say they have discovered one of the world's rarest coral...

Blistering Planet: What We Ought to Learn from the BP Oil Spill 
12 July, 2010 - "Blistering Planet" should be the new namesake for BP. This is yet another hot spot in the world's activities that is...

Delegates meet to discuss better implementation of UN ocean treaty 
21 June 2010 - Delegates gathered at United Nations Headquarters in New York today to explore ways of improving the implementation...

Whale poo fights climate change: study
June 16, 2010 - The fight to stop whaling has been boosted with new research showing the southern ocean sperm whale can remove...

Ban calls for greater awareness of the value of oceans to humanity
8 June 2010 - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged governments and citizens across the global to acknowledge the...

Oil spill threatens iconic fish with saw-like snout
May 27, 2010 - The oil spill caused by the collapse of a BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico threatens to kill off a critically endangered...

Arctic ice at multi-millennium low: researchers
June 3, 2010 - Less ice covers the Arctic today than at any time in the past few thousand years. So says an international group of...

Rome gets hotel made from rubbish
4 June 2010 - Environmental campaigners have built a temporary hotel largely from rubbish in the Italian capital, Rome, to raise...

GDF Unity in Diversity-10.10.10, Melbourne Summit, 10-12 Oct. 2010
In collaboration with the UN Alliance of Civilizations, Global Dialogue Foundation will be hosting the inaugural Pacific dialogue summit...

Conference on saving world's fish stocks opens at UN Headquarters
24 May 2010 - A five-day conference on fish conservation opened at United Nations Headquarters in New York today amid warnings...

Carbon dioxide affecting coral growth
May 24, 2010 - Early results of a new study show that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions absorbed by the ocean are having an effect...

The Water is Open!
24 May - It is that time of year again for World Ocean Day - June 8th. This year, we are trying to bring together the "Oceanic Big 5" for...

Gray whale 'back from the dead' 
10 May 2010 - A gray whale has appeared off the coast of Israel, shocking  conservationists...

UN gathering on preserving ocean life kicks off in Paris 
3 May 2010 - A United Nations-backed meeting bringing together hundreds of scientists, government officials from developed and...

Protected Reef Offers Model for Conservation
April 26, 2010 GLOVER'S REEF, Belize ? As Alex Tilley powers his 15-foot skiff over the turquoise surface, a dark form slips across...

Southern Ocean current flows faster than Amazon
26 Apr 2010 - Scientists have measured the most powerful current that helps drive the circulation of the Southern Ocean, paving the way...

Safeguarding Earth crucial to development, human well-being, Ban stresses
22 April 2010 - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today stressed the need to respect and care for the Earth, noting that safeguarding...

Acidic oceans worsening, experts warn
22 April 2010 - Manmade emissions of carbon dioxide are making our oceans more acidic ? and thus threatening corals and shellfish...

Ocean census uncovers microbe world
Apr 19, 2010 - An ocean census has revealed a "new world" of richly diverse marine microbe life that could help scientists understand...

Plastic vortex wreaks havoc on marine life
Updated Fri Apr 16, 2010 11:20am AEST - The plastic vortex of the Northern Pacific is where much of the non-biodegradable rubbish...

Marine Activists raise awareness of plastic vortex
April 13, 2010 - Here's a question, have you ever heard of the Plastic Vortex? If not, do not be surprised, as most of the people involved...

Humpbacks get allies in the South Pacific
15 Apr - A group of South Pacific nations is fighting to protect the humpback whale by creating a number of sanctuaries in the region.

Final push towards biodiversity accord begins at UN meeting in Colombia
22 March 2010 - After six years of intensive discussions, some 500 delegates have gathered at a United Nations meeting in Cali...

Plastic rubbish blights Atlantic Ocean 
24 February 2010 - Scientists have discovered an area of the North Atlantic Ocean where plastic debris accumulates.

The new wave: Harnessing the power of the ocean
25 February 2010 - (CNN) -- Producing electricity using the power of the oceans could start a new wave in renewable energy.

AAAS: Coral reefs could disappear by the end of the century
24 February 2009 - The world's coral reefs could dissolve away by the end of the century as oceans become more acidic

East Asia's economy could suffer if seas are not protected, says UN report 
19 February 2010 - East Asia's economically viable coastal habitats and ecosystems are under threat from pollution, alien invasive

Coral reefs are evolution hotspot
7 January 2010 - Coral reefs give rise to many more new species than other tropical marine habitats, according to a new study.

UN agency sets out priority steps to realize Green Economy for 21st century
31 December 2009 - The United Nations environmental agency has identified three priority areas in the race to mitigate climate

UN maritime agency dedicates 2010 to the world's 1.5 million seafarers
31 December 2009 - As merchant sailors around the world face the perils of pirate-infested waters off Somalia, the risks of accidents  

Dear Friends of Project Kaisei, 
January 2010, We have had an incredible start to our project. Within just our first year of operation, we have raised enough funds from

Costing the Earth: Investing in protecting the planet
2 Nov (CNN) -- Coral reefs around the world are worth a staggering $172 billion dollars a year to the global economy. But the wealth

Woman tackles 'Great Garbage Patch'
October 29, 2009  Mary Crowley co-founded team to study widespread trash in North Pacific Gyre. The "density and the

-European Commission will investigate how it can help solve the problem of 'Plastic islands' on our oceans.
24 Oct During the meeting of the EU Council of environmental ministers in Luxemburg on October 21st , the Dutch minister of the

Healthy oceans new key to combating climate change, UN agencies stress
18 October 2009 - Ultra-marathon swimmer Marcos Diaz suffered from chronic asthma as a child, but broke the Hong Kong

Healthy oceans new key to combating climate change, UN agencies stress
14 October 2009 - Healthy oceans play a key role in combating climate change, a group of United Nations agencies said today,

Kaisei Releases Initial Findings of North Pacific Gyre Discovery Expedition
SAN FRANCISO, CA (Aug. 25, 2009) - After 22 days of intensive research, testing and collection in the North Pacific Ocean, the tall

Giant Ocean-Trash Vortex Attracts Explorers
It may lack the allure of the North Pole or Mount Everest, but a Pacific Ocean trash dump twice the size of Texas is this summer's hot  

Expedition Sets Sail to the Great Plastic Vortex
By BRYAN WALSH Saturday, Aug. 01, 2009 
On film, many a desert-island castaway has put a message in a bottle and cast it out to sea, hoping it would someday reach land. ,

Project Kaisei Joins Forces with the Bureau of International Recycling
27 July 2009
The Bureau of International Recycling Commits to Help Fund Project Kaisei's First Expedition to the Northern Pacific Gyre.

Project Kaisei Expedition Departs for North Pacific Gyre 
27 July 2009
Two Vessels Launch Voyages to Assess Marine Debris Impacts on Ocean and to Find Solutions

Announcing Kaisei Voyage
7 July 2009
Project Kaisei Followers:
Itis with great excitement that we are able to announce our voyage to theN. Pacific Gyre this summer.  We will be leaving from both SanFrancisco and San Diego, on two boats, the Kaisei, and the Scrippsresearch vessel, the New Horizon, on August 2nd.
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Planet Ocean: Riding a Green Ship to the Future We Want - Project Kaisei  Posted: June 22, 2009 12:00 PM
Environmentalistshave had to spend a lot of time sounding alarms over the years. So it'sexciting to hear about a project that is taking on an appalling problemwith practical solutions and creating commercial diesel fuel technologyat the same time.

Project Kaisei Launches Global World Ocean Sports Clean-up Event
(HongKong, June 2, 2009) Project Kaisei, an environmental organization thathas been established to address the problem of floating plastic waste inthe Pacific Ocean, has announced the launch of its global World OceanDay event.  This event brings together four of the largest ocean sportscommunities for a common cause - cleaning our seas. 

Hawaiian Garbage-to-Energy Plant Recycles Derelict Fishing Nets for Electricity
28May 2009 - Now that Oprah has turned her spotlight on the Great PacificGarbage Patch, that great mass of garbage floating in the ocean hasfinally caught the public eye.  An upcoming ocean garbage expedition tothe patch, dubbed Project Kaisei, should draw even more attention when it launches this summer.

Global Shipment Begins
Monday 25th May 2009
Thepractical commencement of projects Noah's Ark and Global/Local Villagesat Eltham & Vermont Schools in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia),starts Global Shipment - a huge and unique humanitarian endeavour.
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