Board of Directors-Education

GDF aims at raising awareness around practices which bring harmony and balance to nature and the environment.
It is also our aim to assist those who are experiencing crisis or have difficulty gaining education by providing resources, services and a scientific basis for expanding awareness/consciousness towards an easier and better life. 
We believe effective education includes; material / physical, energetic / spiritual, ancient and modern knowledge.

Venerable Lobsang Tendar (Tibetan Buddhist Monk)
Ven. Lobsang Tendar comes from Kham, Eastern Tibet.  Ordained at Dego Samdupling Monastery at the age of 12, Tendar left for Lhasa shortly after where he joined Gyuto Monastery and trained as a monk for 7years.  In 1989, he made the journey across the Himalayas to join the Tibetan community in India.  There, he continued his studies at the Gyuto Tantric University in Northern India, specializing in tantric chanting, meditation and butter sculptures and sand mandala.  
During 30+ years of study and training, Tendar obtained specialty skills certificates in these fields.

Tendar started touring Europe and Australia in early 2000 and 2001 with the monks of Tibet as Chant Master, spreading the message of love compassion and peace.  He returned to Australia in 2002 as a resident and became an Australian citizen shortly after in 2005.  His contributions in Australia are numerous where he is most recognized for his chanting and practice of Tantric Healing.  

Maya Shahani - Honorary Vice Chairperson
Chairperson of SAGE Foundation (www.thesagefoundation.com)
Chairperson of Centre for Management (www.centreformanagement.com)
Trustee of Shahani Trust (www.shahanigroup.com).
Governing Board Member of the HSNC Board (www.hsncb.ac.in)
Founder Trustee of Women's Movement for Peace and Prosperity (www.wmpp.org) under the aegis of Times Foundation (www.timesfoundation.org)
World Wide Wealth Ambassador for XL Nation (www.xlnation.org).
Education Board member of Sadhu Vaswani Mission (www.sadhuvaswani.org) and Priyadarshni Academy (www.priyadarshniacademy.org)
Patron of Cancer Patients Aid Association (www.cpaaindia.org)
Governing Board Member of the Bombay Mothers' and Children Welfare Society (www.bmcws.com)
Chairperson, of the Justice H.K. Chainani Elder's Home.
Maya fulfills her duties with compassion, love and commitment.



Vasan Srinivasan - Assistant Director-General, Director-Education
•Director, USS Australia Pty Ltd - providing assistance to overseasstudents. The organisation promotes and facilitates the enrollment ofoverseas students in Victoria, Australia from around the globe.
• President, Federation of Indian Association of Victoria (FIAV) 
o Since FIAV's establishment in 1989, actively participated in its activities
o Former Chairman of Advisory board 
• Member - Livingstone Primary School Council: Vermont South - VIC
o Living locally for the past 22 years
o Concerned about the education at primary school council 
• Member - Melbourne Lord Mayor's Charitable Funds Grants Committee
o Member of Family Panel since 2003
o Actively involved in Grants & Funding preparation for the family panel
• De Attaché - 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games - Indian Contingent

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