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New problems from living in a world of change, require new ways of dealing, thinking and organizing.
For effective and timely positive change on Earth, and among all people, new standards, ethics and morals are required. New partnerships and a collective response to environmental (change) dangers, and an increasingly interdependent world, are essential.

Through dialogue, democratic methods and humanitarian actions, GDF's goal is initiating, promoting and fostering support for citizens, organisations and communities, on various levels around the world.

Together, we are stronger and happier. Therefore, we can positively address various problems. In that spirit, we shall develop and articulate outcomes from positive achievements - both ours and others' projects, various works, research etc.,  and continue to inspire and progress new ways of helping people in need, and all of humankind- now, in the future, here, in the space, and forever.


Maya Shahani - Honorary Vice Chairperson
Chairperson of SAGE Foundation (www.thesagefoundation.com)
Chairperson of Centre for Management (www.centreformanagement.com)
Trustee of Shahani Trust (www.shahanigroup.com).
Governing Board Member of the HSNC Board (www.hsncb.ac.in)
Founder Trustee of Women's Movement for Peace and Prosperity (www.wmpp.org) under the aegis of Times Foundation (www.timesfoundation.org)
World Wide Wealth Ambassador for XL Nation (www.xlnation.org).
Education Board member of Sadhu Vaswani Mission (www.sadhuvaswani.org) and Priyadarshni Academy (www.priyadarshniacademy.org)
Patron of Cancer Patients Aid Association (www.cpaaindia.org)
Governing Board Member of the Bombay Mothers' and Children Welfare Society (www.bmcws.com)
Chairperson, of the Justice H.K. Chainani Elder's Home.
Maya fulfills her duties with compassion, love and commitment.

Carolyn Briggs, Director - Citizens, Organisations & Community
Carolyn is an elder of the Boon Wurrung people, who are the traditional owners of the country that starts at the Werribee River and extends east, through part of the city of Melbourne and as far east as Wilson's Promontory.  

Carolyn has devoted most of her working life to advancing the cause of her people and inheriting traditional and customary responsibilities associated with her country, people and culture.

She has been actively involved in significant community development projects, in advocacy, native title, social reform and cultural promotion. She has been involved in negotiating Indigenous Land Use Agreement [under the Native Title Act] and establishing and managing education & support programs at University level.

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Vasan Srinivasan - Assistant Director General / Director - Cultures, Civilisations & Ethnicity
- Director, USS Australia Pty Ltd - providing assistance to overseas students. The organisation promotes and facilitates the enrollment of overseas students in Victoria, Australia from around the globe.
- President, Federation of Indian Association of Victoria (FIAV) 
o Since FIAV's establishment in 1989, actively participated in its activities
o Former Chairman of Advisory board 
- Member - Livingstone Primary School Council: Vermont South - VIC
o Living locally for the past 22 years
o Concerned about the education at primary school council 
- Member - Melbourne Lord Mayor's Charitable Funds Grants Committee
o Member of Family Panel since 2003
o Actively involved in Grants & Funding preparation for the family panel
- De Attaché - 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games - Indian Contingent

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Bill Penrose, Director - Citizens, Organisations & Community
Bill has worked in several local organisations such as festival committees, newspaper groups and community centres and has been a shire councillor for over 10 years at various times since 1991, including one year as mayor of the Shire of Nillumbik in Victoria, Australia. His passion is to improve community understanding of local government activities to allow them greater control of their own environment.

He is currently a vice chairman of the Victorian Local Governance Association and is involved with several groups that work with and monitor council activities.

Graduating as an engineer, Bill worked throughout Australia and overseas. This includes two years at Woomera in an international rocket program and two years in England helping design computer telephone exchanges.
Bill has worked on computers and satellite systems since 1965 and is experienced in communications, electronics, computers and project management. He is the author of several user and training manuals for satellite base stations and network management systems and has designed and delivered training courses for several projects. He currently is working on a complete web based project for the management, entry and service delivery of a sporting activity.


Graziella Thake, Director - Citizens, Organisations & Community
CEO & Founder of  ICP Conscious Academy
Graziella Thake, the founder and director of ICP Global Academy, its Leadership Institutes and the foundation for Social responsibility is an executive coach, and ex forensic and corporate psychologist who has come form a long history of philanthropy and professional work. Graziella brings much more to executive coaching than simply her extensive experience gained by the position of Director and CEO of various companies.  She also brings the knowledge and experience of many years practicing Forensic Psychology, Sports and Team Psychology and Organisational Psychology.

Graziella uses this knowledge not only to help individuals and organisations attain success but also to give back to the community in which we all operate.  Ten percent of Graziella's time, as aligned with our company philosophy, is dedicated to CSR and of recent times this has risen with the dedication to the development of the foundation for social responsibility,