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Global Dialogue Foundation (GDF) is promoting, fostering and initiating dialogue among religions, faiths & traditional faiths. 
GDF believes that spirituality is an extremely important part of human life and humankind's existence. Also, that it is an important factor for maintaining peace and security among people, as one the key elements for safe progress towards a brighter future for all on this planet- for common good.
GDF considers interfaith dialogue is a significant process which needs to be carried out permanently. Planting friendship, respect and recognition with dignity, for each and every faith and religion on Earth will bring a more just society with firm universal ethical and moral standards and norms for all humankind- improving lives of people on Earth, similar with the goodness from One Sun, for all humankind and planet Earth. 

Venerable Lobsang Tendar (Tibetan Buddhist Monk), Director-Religion, Faith & Traditional Faiths

Ven. Lobsang Tendar comes from Kham, Eastern Tibet.  Ordained at Dego Samdupling Monastery at the age of 12, Tendar left for Lhasa shortly after where he joined Gyuto Monastery and trained as a monk for 7 years.  In 1989, he made the journey across the Himalayas to join the Tibetan community in India.  There, he continued his studies at the Gyuto Tantric University in Northern India, specializing in tantric chanting, meditation and butter sculptures and sand mandala.  
During 30+ years of study and training, Tendar obtained specialty skills certificates in these fields.

Tendar started touring Europe and Australia in early 2000 and 2001 with the monks of Tibet as Chant Master, spreading the message of love compassion and peace.  He returned to Australia in 2002 as a resident and became an Australian citizen shortly after in 2005.  His contributions in Australia are numerous where he is most recognized for his chanting and practice of Tantric Healing.  

Kevin Meese Director - Religion, Faith & Traditional Faiths
Kevin is an Executive Officer of Catholic Mission Melbourne. 
Catholic Mission works in partnership with local Church communities in the Majority World.  It provides support through spiritual, pastoral care and building programs. 
Catholic Mission works to educate Australians about mission and justice, encouraging engagement with global mission.  It focuses on the development of local Church leadership, and provides support to children of the Majority World. 
Education, health care, shelter, food and personal development programs form the basis of our outreach programs. 
Kevin Meese's involvement in Catholic Mission stretches over 10 years.  The challenge of engagement with local communities in need form the inspiration for his work, which strives to make real the Gospel message of hope and transformation for all people.

Rabbi Philip Heilbrunn, Director - Religion, Faith & Traditional Faiths
In addition to being the Chief Minister of the St Kilda Hebrew Congregation and past President of the Orthodox Rabbis of Australia and New Zealand, Rabbi Philip Heilbrunn is also a highly gifted cantor and vocal artist of international reputation. He sings and collaborates with some of the world's greatest cantors and choirs on a regular basis.

Prior to his arrival in Melbourne, Rabbi Heilbrunn was a Rabbi and popular Cantor of several large Jewish congregations in South Africa, the North Shore Synagogue (Sydney) and subsequently Chief Minister of the Adelaide Hebrew Congregation. He has enjoyed much success as a Rabbi, Cantor, lecturer, educator and counsellor. Rabbi Heilbrunn has involved himself in all aspects of the Cantorial and Jewish Liturgical art and the promotion of Jewish Synagogue music throughout the Community.

Rabbi Heilbrunn's involvement in Synagogue life dates back to his youth: he was encouraged to take an active role in the services at his Boarding School and later at the Linksfield Senderwood Synagogue. Later he became the Junior Minister (Chazan Sheni) of that Synagogue while at the same directing the Jewish Activities Program at the King David Schools Hostel.
Whilst continuing his studies towards Law and Arts degrees, he became a lecturer at the Jewish Students University Program, an institution which had been founded by his fellow Rabbinical students and himself. 

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Vasan Srinivasan - Assistant Director-General, Director - Religion, Faith & Traditional Faiths
Director, USS Australia Pty Ltd - providing assistance to overseasstudents. The organisation promotes and facilitates the enrollment ofoverseas students in Victoria, Australia from around the globe.
 President, Federation of Indian Association of Victoria (FIAV) 
o Since FIAV's establishment in 1989, actively participated in its activities
o Former Chairman of Advisory board 
 Member - Livingstone Primary School Council: Vermont South - VIC
o Living locally for the past 22 years
o Concerned about the education at primary school council 
 Member - Melbourne Lord Mayor's Charitable Funds Grants Committee
o Member of Family Panel since 2003
o Actively involved in Grants & Funding preparation for the family panel
 De Attaché - 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games - Indian Contingent

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Mosese Naluwau Koroimata - Director - Religion, Faith & Traditional Faiths
Methodist Church of Fiji & Rotuma - Church Minister/Reverend

My name is Mosese Naluwau Koroimata

I?m from Solevu village at Malolo Island, Fiji Island.

I was born 20.05.1986

I?m married with one son.

1992 - 1999  Attending Malolo District School - Grade 1 to Grade 8

2000 - 2002 Attending Ba Provincial High School - Form 3 ? Form 5

2003 - 2004 Attending Fiji National University (Studying Business Management), Part-time in Carrier Management Training System (Studying Certificate and Advance level in Computer Studies).

2005 - 2007 Attending Jansen Bible Institute (Studying Certificate in Theology), Part-time in Service Pro Vocational Studies (Studying Hotel Management and Tailoring).

2010 - 2012 Attending Davuilevu Theological College (Studying Diploma In Theology)

2013 - 2017 At this period I am doing my field studies. After this five year period and I?ll be posted to another part of Fiji to continue my vocation.