Marketplace of Ideas
The Unity in Diversity : Bridging Cultures Building Peace & Development Forum will showcase some of the most innovative and successful grassroots initiatives aimed at promoting mutual understanding among people and cultures within the South Asia Region.

This event will be held in the presence of business and political leaders, policy makers, influential civil society leaders, media, heads of religious communities and academics.

The Organisers are looking for long-term partnerships with creative grassroots projects that drive change by:
1) contributing to mutual understanding among diverse communities and cultures
2) helping to overcome cultural, religious, and ethnic tensions
3) building peace and development


Applications are now closed.
Representatives of United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and Global Dialogue Foundation will review all applications and select best essays for further support by 20 January, 2011.

Representatives of the civil society organisations will be invited to the Forum. There is no registration fee. They will have an opportunity to present their initiatives to a local and international audience. Further benefits include a certificate issued by Global Dialogue Foundation and United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, international networking support and an opportunity for review by professional financial advisers.

The Marketplace of Ideas serves both as:
  • a platform to expose innovative initiatives to media, policy makers and foundations;
  • an advisory source for projects on how to replicate and scale up;

For any questions about the Marketplace of Ideas edition of 2011 in the South Asia Region, please contact: Marketplace of Ideas Program Manager by email to info@globaldialoguefoundation.org