Second Edition
Dr. Vasko M. Najdovski
Faith & Reason in Dialogue
An Introduction and Basic

Exclusive: Bio-energy Basics Scientifically Proven
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-NEW- Relationships with parents and families: why teenagers need them

Posted 1 Jul 2018

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-NEW- Cultural diversity and children’s wellbeing

Posted 1 Jul 2018

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-NEW- Children who drink fruit juice with breakfast 50% more likely to be overweight, finds study

26 May 2018

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-NEW- Child obesity plan targets sweets at checkouts

24 Jun 2018

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US child migrants: First ladies speak out on Trump separation policy

18 Jun 2018

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Boy, 12, uses family credit card to fly to Bali

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YouTube Kids to give parents more control over output

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Nami Family-To-Family


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The True Meaning Of Family

19 Jul 2016

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Family Matters

30 Jul 2017

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30 Jul 2016

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Christ’s 3 Visits: Our Guest Is Here and Is Coming

27 Nov 2016

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7 Nov 2016

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Domestic violence 'biggest factor' for social services children

4 Nov 2016

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RUSSIAN TV is showing NIBIRU PLANET-X! RUS Doesn't hide it - Please Share (2016)

Posted 2 Oct 2016

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Posted 2 OCT 2016

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Nibiru, Planet X, Nemesis, The Destroyer, Wormwood, Hercolubus, Comet Typhon
2016 Theme: Families, healthy lives and sustainable future

15 May 2016

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International Day of Families

15 May 2016

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Family & Community Day in Australia


15 May 2015

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The queen urges inclusivity in Commonwealth speech

4 March 2016

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Unity in Diversity-World Civil Society India Launch

12 March 2016

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Security council unanimously calls on UN members to fight Isis


21 November 2015

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God's Design Written in Nature, Says Pope


20 November 2015

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Transcript: Read the Speech Pope Francis Gave to the United Nations

25th October 2015

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June Celebrated as Immigrant Heritage Month in US

1st June 2015

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GDF Presentation: Dialogue as Global Trust Building Shaping Common Global Agenda, 3rd World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue, Baku 17-18 May 2015

Posted 21 May 2015
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On Internation Day, UN says more midwife training will help tackle maternity and child deaths

5 May 2015

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UN agency unveils alternative policy agenda to transform economies, make gender equality a reality

27 April 2015

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Remarks by the High Representative of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser at the IFFD Briefing (UNHQ)

17 February 2015

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Post-Conflict Macedonia - Inclusive Society Model - Update 16-1-2015 (First published 2012)

Jan 15 2015

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UN reaffirms importance of women's empowerment for global peace, security

28 October 2014

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Statement of the Holy See to the UN in Geneva on Migration and Families

13 October 2014

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Fathers and Families

21 September 2014

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UN releases new guidelines for child online protection

5 September 2014

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30 Aug 2014

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UN officials hail role of cultural, religious dialogue in advancing peace, development

29 August 2014

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Unity in Diversity - Workshop UN DPI/ NGO Conference, UN New York


28 Aug 2014 - Read More (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6)


The UNAOC Sixth Global Forum in Bali: Unity in Diversity, Celebrating Diversity for Common and Shared Values

21 August 2014

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Unity in Diversity World Civil Society - Establishing Initiative Bodies, Message From Founder

6 August 2014

Simple, smart, cost-effective, breastfeeding provides benefits that last a lifetime – UN

1 August 2014

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UN Adopts Resolution to Protect Family

3 July 2014

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Ban urges focus on adolescent girls to reduce maternal mortality

28 June 2014

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UN gender equality campaign to take center stage at legendary Apollo Theatre

26 June 2014

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Midwives can prevent two-thirds of deaths among women and newborns - UN report

3 June 2014

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New UN initiative taps private sector leadership to advance women's rights

3 June 2014

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In Toronto, Ban says ensuring health of women, children 'best investment we can make'

30 May 2014

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On International Day, UN urges end to 'global social injustice' of obstetric fistula

23 May 2014

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Pope: Family is Fundamental Cell of Society

15 May 2014

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Remarks by H.E. Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser United Nations High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations at the Family at the Heart of Development 

15 May 2014

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UN officials highlight role of families in achieving development, advancing better world

15 May 2014

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Remarks by H.E. Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser United Nations High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations Doha Conference on "Empowering Families: A Pathway to Development" Plenary Session on Family and Development

17 April 2014

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New treaty enables children to lodge complaints with UN about rights violations

14 April 2014

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Holy See to UN: No Need to Reinvent the Wheel; Family is Solution to Poverty 

2 April 2014

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Senior UN official hails outcome of forum devoted to empowering women and girls

22 March 2014

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Why do we need an International Women's Day?

6 Mar
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How an Oscars speech puts International Women’s Day in perspective

Mar 04, 2014
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Message for International Women’s Day 2014

Thursday, 06 March 2014
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Holy See at UN on Promoting Equality, Including Social Equity, Gender Equality, and Women's Empowerment 

7 February 2014


Ban pledges UN commitment to advancing gender equality, women's empowerment 

4 February 2014


Key UN body can now hear complaints from children whose rights have been violated 

14 January 2014


On International Day, UN urges renewed efforts to end violence against women, girls 

25 November 2013


Empowering women to manage natural resources vital for conflict recovery - UN report

6 November 2013


UN, World Bank boost support for women's health, girls' education in Africa's Sahel

6 November 2013


Women's unpaid work in the home is a 'major human rights issue' says UN expert

24 October 2013


UN rights body adopts landmark text on women and conflict

24 October 2013


UN expert on indigenous issues urges greater focus on environment, women's rights

22 October 2013


International Day of the Girl Child: UN urges 'innovating for girls' education'

11 October 2013


The Consequences of Interfaith Marriage

11 October 2013


On International Day, Ban calls for full participation of older persons in society

1 October 2013


Japanese leader advocates 'womenomics' in address to the UN General Assembly

26 September 2013


Rights of vulnerable groups must be focus of new development agenda, San Marino tells UN

27 September 2013


Women's empowerment crucial for post-conflict recovery, peacebuilding - UN official

26 September 2013


Vatican Official Promotes Charter of the Rights of the Family

20 September 2013



New chief of UN Women highlights girls' education as priority to combat poverty, boost development

12 September 2013


UN partners with African nations to boost girls' access to reproductive health services

5 August 2013


UN children's agency to add IKEA toys to its early development kits for emergency areas

26 July 2013


UN agency appoints first lady of Nigeria to champion child online protection

22 July 2013


UN children's agency lauds Bangladesh's vow to ending preventable child deaths before 2035

22 July 2013



World Population Day: UN spotlights teen pregnancy and need to empower girls

11 July 2013



At international conference, UN chief urges intensified efforts to aid ageing people

24 June 2013



New UN initiative seeks to give children better start by boosting nutrition for mothers

7 June 2013


‘Green jobs,’ poverty and role of women top agenda at start of UN labour conference

5 June 2013


Senior UN officials spotlight women’s health rights to accelerate global development

30 May 2013


Balancing Family Life and Work

Rome, May 14, 2013

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Marking ‘Day of Families,’ Ban stresses growing importance of intergenerational solidarity

15 May 2013 – Supportive relationships between family members from different generations...


UN’s Ban urges accelerated action on health-related MDGs for women, children

6 May 2013

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UN hails midwives' contribution to maternal health around the world

6 May 2013


Ban spotlights key role of private sector in UN effort to boost maternal health

7 May 2013

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Empowerment of urban women and youth vital for future prosperity of cities, UN say
18 April 2013

UNICEF report ranks children’s well-being in 29 of world’s richest countries
10 April 2013

Sahel region needs women’s leadership, says UN-backed conference
10 April 2013


Ban speaks to Malala, attacked Pakistani schoolgirl, to stress education and women’s rights

5 April 2013

UN commission on women ends with adoption of global plan to end gender-based violence
15 March 2013

Michelle Bachelet to step down as head of UN Women
15 March 2013


UN-backed team celebrates International Women's Day atop Mount Kilimanjaro

5 March 2013

UN women's commission begins annual session with call to stop gender-based violence
4 March 2013

Musicians from around the world join forces with UN to highlight women's rights
February 20, 2013

UN officials join global call to end violence against women and girls
February 14, 2013


UN trust fund to enhance role of youth volunteers in global development

January 25, 2013

Secretary-General appoints young Jordanian as his Envoy on Youth
January 17, 2013

Through online baby shower, Shakira and UNICEF raise awareness on child survival
January 16, 2013

Countries must address lack of women in science and technology fields - UN
January 7, 2013

Nigel Baker: "The Family is at the Heart of Our Social and Moral Structure"
ROME, DEC. 14, 2012

Policy-makers and survivors gather at UN forum on ending violence against women
13 December 2012

States have obligation to eliminate violence against women – UN officials
28 November 2012

On International Day, Ban leads UN call for action to end violence against women
25 November 2012

UN committee approves first-ever text calling for end to female genital mutilation
28 November 2012

Women’s role in advancing peace and security must be supported – UN officials
30 November 2012

UN launches initiative to highlight commitments to end violence against women and girls

20 November 2012

Why Your Health Is Bigger Than Your Body  by Claudia Rowe
16 November 2012

Boosting access to family planning is good for women and the economy – UN report
14 November 2012

On World Prematurity Day, UN stresses benefit of low-cost care in saving newborns
17 November 2012

UN Trust Fund to give over $8 million in grants to help end violence against women
7 November 2012

Security Council urges wider role for women’s groups in peace efforts
2 November 2012

At UN-backed gathering, Asia-Pacific leaders urged to give region’s women more access to technology jobs
16 October 2012

On International Day for Disaster Reduction, UN highlights key role of women and girls
12 October 2012

Progress achieved in India highlights benefits of quotas for women, says UN official
3 October 2012

UN officials call on countries to strengthen women’s access to justice
24 September 2012

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UN launches new initiative to empower rural women and girls
27 September 2012

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UN chief hails progress in scaling up maternal and child nutrition worldwide
27 September 2012

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UN plan aims to improve access to life-saving health supplies for women and children

26 September 2012


Greater efforts vital to prevent grave violations against children in conflict – UN official

11 September 2012

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Child mortality rates down sharply but more progress needed – UN report
13 September 2012

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Marriage and Child Poverty
ROME, SEPT. 14, 2012

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Clinton, Pacific Leaders agree on Gender Equality



Equality for women slowly gaining momentum in Pacific



At ministerial meeting, UNICEF urges greater effort in registration of children in Africa
6 September 2012

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Ban: leadership of young women crucial to advance development worldwide
13 August 2012

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As ECOSOC annual substantive session ends, UN officials hail achievements
27 July 2012

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Summit of Faith Leaders and EU Institutions Aims to Overcome Demographic Crisis

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Contest Draws Attention to Natural Family Planning
LOUISVILLE, Kentucky, July 19, 2012

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UN experts urge action to achieve Millennium Development Goals ahead of 2015
10 July 2012

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UN commits to boosting reproductive health care services
11 July 2012

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Global partnership key to achieving Millennium Development Goals by 2015 – UN report
2 July 2012

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Rio+20: Sustainable development needs women’s empowerment, UN official says
18 June 2012

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Oscar-winning actress to promote technology for women and girls in new UN role
12 June 2012

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UNICEF, partners rally around global effort to end preventable child deaths
14 June 2012

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No Future for Humanity Without Family, Says Pope

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Progress on UN Millennium Development Goals to be tracked by online platform
6 June 2012

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UN women’s agency joins system-wide effort to tackle HIV/AIDS

5 June 2012

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Next World Meeting of Families To Be Held in Philadelphia
MILAN, June 4, 2012

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Milan Ready to Welcome Pope at World Meeting of Families
MILAN, May 31, 2012
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Pope to Participate in Family Festival
MILAN, Italy, MAY 25, 2012

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Families Need to Teach Self-Gift, Says Pope

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Family Meeting to Highlight Individuality, Relationships

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New UN report urges greater efforts to prevent drowning deaths among children
23 May 2012

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Pope to Offer a Solidarity Lunch at Milan Event
MILAN, Italy, MAY 23, 2012
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Ban praises work of commission on access to medicines for women, children
22 May 2012
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UN Women names members of group to facilitate dialogue with civil society
17 May 2012

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Work-family balance benefits families and society at large, says Ban
15 May 2012

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Benedict XVI Makes Appeal on UN World Day of Families
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Maternal deaths continue to decline but more progress needed – UN report
16 May 2012
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Cardinal Antonelli: Families Themselves Must Defend Their Rights
ROME, MAY 10, 2012

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UN recognizes women’s leadership in information and communication technologies
9 May 2012
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New UN-backed report calls for action to prevent millions of preterm births
2 May 2012

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Ban stresses need for reproductive health care for young people
23 April 2012

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In India, Ban calls for greater investment in women and children's health
28 April 2012

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UN debate stresses need to break down barriers for girls in technology-related careers
26 April 2012

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On World Health Day, UN calls for adequate health policies for older citizens
6 April 2012

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Babies fed on demand 'do better at school'
17 March 2012

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Annual UN population prize awarded to US advocate and Malaysian NGO
16 March 2012

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Empowering rural women key to boosting welfare of societies, UN officials stress
7 March 2012

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Women’s participation in all aspects of society more vital than ever – UN officials
8 March 2012
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Ban calls for greater efforts to remove barriers to women’s economic empowerment
6 March 2012
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Holy See Calls Attention to Needs of Rural Women
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UNICEF welcomes Mexican budget move to invest in children
27 December 2011
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UN envoy welcomes new measure to stop violence against children
19 December 2011

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Pope: Interdependence Not a Threat, But an Opportunity
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Pope Encourages Individual-Society Balance
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UN official calls for greater investment in voluntary family planning programmes
29 November 2011
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Investment in children is paying off, but it must reach most vulnerable – UN report
23 November 2011
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Top UN officials highlight youth leadership in ending violence against women
23 November 2011
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Ban urges Asia-Pacific private sector to support women and children’s health
18 November 2011
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Ban lauds Bangladesh’s progress on women’s and children’s health
15 November 2011
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UN chief to spotlight progress on women’s and children’s health on Asian trip
10 November 2011
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Unemployment Can Lead to Identity Crisis, Says Pope
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Gradual progress in including women in peacebuilding processes – UN official
31 October 2011
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UN agencies commit to put rural women at centre stage of development
18 October 2011
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UN Women Executive Director Marks Launch of Egyptian Union, Meets Libyan Activists
Posted on October 20 2011
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UN women's fund invites proposals for grants, especially from Arab countries
16 October 2011
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Family Values the Solution to Economic Crisis, Says Pope
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The Importance of Marriage and the Family
ROME, OCT. 9, 2011
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Female leaders in West Africa receive UN-backed training on mediation
3 October 2011 
Childhood vaccines to reach 37 more nations thanks to UN-backed initiative
27 September 2011

Engaging Men and Boys as Allies for Long-Term Change

Posted 23 Sept 2011

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Sweden highlights benefits of gender equality to General Assembly

23 September 2011

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Pontiff to Parents: Keep Striving to Be a Model for Your Children

TORRECIUDAD, Spain, SEPT. 19, 2011

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Pope to Parents: Talk With Your Children, Listen to Them

CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy, SEPT. 20, 2011

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Benefits of good nutrition take centre stage at UN high-level event

20 September 2011

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Lauding progress to date, Ban calls for boosting efforts to save women and children

20 September 2011

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Make Home a Virtue School, Pontiff Tells Families
VATICAN CITY, JAN. 6, 2011 Read more

Pontiff Affirms Mystery of Childbirth
VATICAN CITY, JAN. 1, 2011 Read more

BETHLEHEM, West Bank, DEC. 25, 2010 Read more

Pontiff Urges State to Support Families
VATICAN CITY, DEC. 21, 2010 Read more

UN, religious leaders promote exclusive breastfeeding in Indonesia
21 December 2010 Read more

Development efforts must include steps to end violence against women - UN expert
6 December 2010 Read more

Practices that discriminate against women must end, UN expert tells Zambia 
10 December 2010 Read more

Religious Leaders Unite to Defend Marriage
WASHINGTON, D.C., DEC. 6, 2010 Read more

Vatican Aide Considers Situations of Migrant Women 
SALY, Senegal, DEC. 5, 2010 Read more

UN calls on corporate sector to help eliminate violence against women
23 November 2010 Read more

Bishop Stresses Urgency of Defending Marriage
BALTIMORE, Maryland, NOV. 19, 2010 Read more

UN envoy backs 'World Day' to stop violence against children
19 November 2010 Read more

Holy Father Calls for Protection of Family
BARCELONA, Spain, NOV. 7, 2010 Read more

Focus on women and youth crucial for development in Arab region - Migiro 
11 November 2010 Read more

UN elects Executive Board of new agency for women's empowerment
10 November 2010 Read more

Warning of threats to migrant children, UN calls for better protection 
8 November 2010 Read more

VATICAN CITY, OCT. 27, 2010 Read more

Obese kids said to show sign of ?middle-age? heart disease
Oct. 25, 2010 Read more

Women integral for peace, Ban stresses
21 October 2010 Read more

NEW YORK, OCT. 13, 2010 Read more

Deputy UN chief to give keynote address at African Union forum on women
13 October 2010 Read more

Get them some sleep, scientists say of young delinquents 
Oct. 12, 2010 Read more

PALERMO, Italy, OCT. 4, 2010 Read more

UN conference adopts action plan for improving early childhood care and education
29 September 2010 Read more

VATICAN CITY, OCT. 7, 2010 Read more