Global Village Development

Through this project, which will be executed in partnership with global transformational coaching organization Rock Your Life, the SAGE Foundation seeks to end hunger and impoverishment by educating and providing villagers with handicraft skills so that they can be self-sufficient.
The concept for the village roots from a desire to fulfill existing inadequacies in the villages currently under SAGE Foundation's sponsorship. To date, the SAGE Foundation has focused on simply sponsoring villages by providing medical, education and general assistance. 
Pictured: SAGE Foundation Announced at the Clinton Global Initiative - Dec 10, 2008
In support of SAGE Foundation, this container was prepared by Vermont Secondary College in Victoria. The container was featured at Federation Square for two weeks during September 2009 as part of the Windows of the World exhibition.
GDF acknowledges and congratulates Vermont Secondary College for piloting the project and expresses gratitude to APL Lines and WCA Family of Logistic Networks for their generous sponsorship and support.