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  GDF Project Pacific

1. Cultures & Small Islands Issues
2. Pacfic Native and Cultural Heritage Events
3. Pacific Dialogue
Pacific Region/Pacific Ocean


Project Pacific - Cultures & Small Islands Issues

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Global Dialogue Forum Partner
Melbourne, 10-12 Oct. 2010
Melbourne Forum, 10-12 October 2010
GDF PROJECT PACIFIC - CULTURAL & SMALL ISLANDS ISSUES is a system of projects for the small islands to re-group and become a strength in protecting their cultural heritage and their way of life.
As one of the worlds' greatest treasures, our oceans and marine ecosystem in this part of the world are rich with various life forms, potential nutrients, organic food and natural substances. Among other opportunities, they offer potential for pharmacology and medicinal development.

The project directly addresses problems experienced by the small islands during this unfortunately difficult time of climate change. It is founded on the basis that 'benefits' for the islands may be actualized by incorporating them into the global systems of nations. Particularly, in regards to maintaining a safe and clean environment in this region.
Overall, the project isn't so much as direct dialogue on one topic, as it is a holographic approach for integrally connecting the islands, both directly and indirectly with the rest of the world. By bringing all the small islands together as one 'whole' under the umbrella of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, in Project Unity in Diversity, they may present their individual and unique issues along with their combined needs and those identified in the nearby regions, as shared global concerns. The goals are to express and understand the problems experienced during this very important time of climate change for which the world has little information.
Other major objectives are to raise awareness for the island people who just like everyone else, have their own identity, history, culture, dreams, plans and families. Although at first glance, it may appear a 'separate' region with people living under unique oceanic conditions, they are indeed connected with their own home and their lifestyle.



GDF Project Pacific-Cultural & Small Islands aims developing a web of collaboration providing employment for local communities in a structure which empowers attendance to the changes in the marine eco-system and bio-diversity. Through it, the local people will develop their own standards relevant to their lifestyle, families and especially, those important for the environment and the global community.
As we brace together as a global community towards safeguarding our future on our only home- planet Earth, hearing the voice of the small Pacific Islands as 'one', will serve as the most practical for the region, especially since the local people know this part of the world better than anyone else.

Project Source: GDI
GDF's role is to promote, initiate and develop Project Pacific in 3 phases and beyond:
1. Project Pacific-Cultures & Small Islands Issues
2. Pacific Native and Cultural Heritage events
3. Pacific Dialogue - as an inseparable part of Unity in Diversity
The above leads into Global Dialogue among Civilizations, Cultures, States, Religions, Science and Religions and people from all walks of life.