Profile-Lobsang Tendar

Venerable Lobsang Tendar, (Tibetan Buddhist Monk) Director-Religion & Faith  
Ven. Lobsang Tendar comes from Kham, Eastern Tibet.  Ordained at DegoSamdupling Monastery at the age of 12, Tendar left for Lhasa shortly after where he joined Gyuto Monastery and trained as a monk for 7years.  In 1989, he made the journey across the Himalayas to join theTibetan community in India.  There, he continued his studies at the Gyuto Tantric University in Northern India, specializing in tantric chanting, meditation and butter sculptures and sand mandala.  
During 30+ years of study and training, Tendar obtained specialty skills certificates in these fields.

Tendar started touring Europe and Australia in early 2000 and 2001 with the monks of Tibet as Chant Master, spreading the message of love compassion and peace.  He returned to Australia in 2002 as a resident and became an Australian citizen shortly after in 2005.  His contributions in Australia are numerous where he is most recognized for his chanting and practice of Tantric Healing.  
In Australia, Tendar lives in an interfaith house with a Catholic Father and Indian Swami. Together, they share a common belief in interfaith practice and co-existence.  Tendar has participated in interfaith events, chanted for world peace, healed sick children and the elderly, provided guidance to misguided individuals, worked with the Indigenous community and blessed the land and environment of Australia through his sand mandalas, prayers and offerings.
He has established a Buddhist centre in Melbourne named the Medicine Buddha Tantra Healing Centre where he teaches meditation and tantric art and Tibetan language.

Known for his kindness, one of the most endearing characteristics of Tendar is his great ability to reach out to people of different backgrounds and touch their hearts with his warmth and caring nature.  It is this enormous capacity to love and give to people that has won him the love and respect of many loyal friends, devotees and students.

In Australia, Tendar has helped countless Australians through his practice of wisdom and compassion. He has taught many Australians how to be happy through the daily practice of meditation.  Although he continues this work, his focus at present is his charity, the Tibetan Children's Fund.