Profile-Graziella Thake

Graziella Thake, Assistant Director-General, New Zealand, Small Islands/Project Pacific
Director- Cultures, Civilisations & Ethnicity
CEO & Founder of  ICP Conscious Academy
Founder and Writer of ICP Conscious Programs 
Director ICP Leadership Institute (NZ)
Founder FOStR Nz (Foundation for Social Responsibility)
Advisor to  PRIDE UN NGO for the Pacific Rim                                       

CEO & Founder of  ICP Conscious Academy
Graziella Thake, the founder and director of ICP Global Academy, its Leadership Institutes and the foundation for Social responsibility is an executive coach, and ex forensic and corporate psychologist who has come form a long history of philanthropy and professional work. Graziella brings much more to executive coaching than simply her extensive experience gained by the position of Director and CEO of various companies.  She also brings the knowledge and experience of many years practicing Forensic Psychology, Sports and Team Psychology and Organisational Psychology.

Graziella uses this knowledge not only to help individuals and organisations attain success but also to give back to the community in which we all operate.  Ten percent of Graziella's time, as aligned with our company philosophy, is dedicated to CSR and of recent times this has risen with the dedication to the development of the foundation for social responsibility,

Graziella travels internationally as a key note speaker both professionally and for the NGO's to the United Nations, highlighting the importance of Authentic leadership, communication, conscious self-education, Conscious leadership and community responsibility, and personal legacies.  Her literary work in this area has been published and it is these key areas that are the basis of the Conscious academy 15 programs developed to bring this knowledge and power to the forefront of leadership, corporations and communities.  The conscious Academy now has been guided by Graziella in the development of a complete online training solution. It is this knowledge and inspiration behind ICP global, its people and its training ethic that will be infused throughout your organisation when you join with our corporate team to empower your staff and organisation.

Graziella founded this company on excellence and it is these standards that our corporate team exemplify.