Profile-Iliana Schmatelka

Iliana Schmatelka

Deputy Director-General, Global Dialogue Foundation


Organization: International Leadership Institute

Current occupational field as freelance:
International management consultancy or interim management:

  • ▪  Business development - new strategies and operations, market penetration, promotion of new products and brands

  • ▪  Establishment of neworganisation

  • ▪  Change and crisis management of existing organisations

  • ▪  Financial consulting

  • ▪  Project management

  • ▪  Financial, organisational and operational due diligence of companies, investments and real estate projects - evaluation of the market and management potential of new and existing operations and after merger and acquisitions (M&A) transactions and in critical situations

    Corporate and executive coaching
    Author and moderator of workshops
    (see below) Specialist expertise:

    ▪ Financing -
    ▪ Multicultural management
    ▪ Sales, marketing and PR
    ▪ Real estate project development and investment ▪ International professional networking


Working language: German, English, Russian, Bulgarian

Work experience: More than 25 years of professional experience

May 2012 – ongoing

Founder and Managing director of INTLI, Vienna
International Leadership Institute Vienna, Austria


Type of business or sector
Strategic consulting,
Business coaching,
Interim and change management, Training and workshops in topics such as:

  • Tailoring management styles to suit different environments - communication with the unknown

  • Managing multicultural diversity

  • Where does corporate social responsibility start?

  • Internal and external communication strategies - understanding and accepting different standards and human needs

  • Emotional intelligence as the most powerful leadership skill

  • Personal development and coaching as management tools

  • My team – a help or a hindrance?

  • The human aspects of building and managing organizations


Strategic and organizational Projects for the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations UNAOC and the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs
Seminars and Trainings for the Government of Lower Austria and the Bulgarian Industrial Association
Oktober 2011 – ongoing
Senior advisor
Mattig Management Partners, Vienna, Austria
www .mattig-management.at
Type of business or sector
Project management consulting – project organization, financing, monitoring, reporting


August 2011 – ongoing

Freelance senior finance consultant
M 27 Finance GmbH, Vienna, Austria


Corporate consulting – financing, M&A, market penetration, internationalization


May 2009 - January 2011

General Manager of Immorent Slovakia and the Slovakian subsidiaries of S IMMO AG and Immorent AG (more than 20 companies)

  • ▪  Responsible for a EUR 300 m. portfolio and 16 employees

  • ▪  In charge of the leasing sales activities, real estate project development and investment

  • ▪  Business link to Erste Group, Vienna

September 2008 - May 2009
Head of CEE Relationship and Networking
    • ▪  Responsible for development of a new market (Russia)

    • ▪  Internal consulting – cooperation and communication projects across the Erste Group

October 2002 - September 2008 

CEO, Immorent Bulgaria EOOD and the Bulgarian subsidiaries of S IMMO AG and Immorent AG (more than 15 companies)

  • ▪  Establishment and development of the companies – responsible for 30 employees

  • ▪  Managing a leasing, real estate development and investment portfolio of more than EUR 200 million.

  • ▪  In charge of the sales activities and the administration – budgeting, consolidated accounting, reporting of the organization, and processes for all offered products incl. the building services provided by the company

  • ▪  Business link to Erste Group, Vienna.

    Immorent AG, the leasing financing and real estate development company of the Erste Group AG, Vienna, Austria www .erstegroupimmorent.at

  • Banking, leasing, real estate and construction

December 1999 - October 2002
Account Manager / Underwriter in the Export Guarantee Department of the Austrian Export Credit Agency
    • ▪ Analyses of the financial performance of private and public debtors (world-wide)

    • ▪  Assessment and insurance of non-marketable risks

    • ▪  Definition of guarantees and commitment conditions for the

      Ministry of Finance

    • ▪  Account management for key accounts – banks, exporters

    • Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG, Vienna, Austria

      Export insurance and financing


August 1998 – December 1999

Area manager for international financing - cross border leasing and structured financing of industrial equipment in Central and Eastern Europe

▪ Managementofnewbusinessopportunities ▪ Acquisitions and risk management

Immorent AG, the leasing financing and real estate development company of the Erste Bank AG, Vienna, Austria www .erstegroupimmorent.at

Banking, leasing, real estate and construction


July 1997 - July 1998

Project manager for charity donations, social and development Projects in Eastern Europe and Asia

▪ Initiation, financing (EU, Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and management of health and community development projects

▪ Fund-raising, public relations and communication Hilfswerk Austria, Vienna, Austria

http://www.hilfswerk.at/hwa/ Foreign development, non-profit NGO


Nov. 1985 – March 1996 incl. 2 years maternity leave

Business developer, sales, marketing and project manager


In various Austrian, German and Bulgarian production and trading companies such as FESTO - Tooltechnic, LASKA - Food, SUN - Motor Tester, KLEINDIENST - Car Wash System, STAHLWILLE - Tools and others responsible for Russia, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary


2009 - 2010

Licensed Coach – systemic approach Infora Coaching Academy

2007- 2008

1. US MBA Diploma (AACSB accredited) 2. EMBA Diploma

1. Carlson School of Management – University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
2. Executive Academy - Austrian University of Economics, Vienna

2006 - 2010
Systemic organizational development, project management,

change processes

▪ Fritz Simon “Simon, Weber and Friends, System and Organizational Consultancy”, Heidelberg / Berlin, Germany

▪ Manfred Schwarz – “Management Center Vorarlberg“, Lustenau / Austria


2. Leadership and managerial skills
Future training, consultancy, coaching”, Innsbruck, Austria,

▪ “Leadership development – Claudia Freund and Wilfred Reiter”, Vienna / Austria


Master in economics (Mag. rer. soc. oec.)

Equalizing the Bulgarian Master Diploma at the Austrian University of Economics, Vienna

Master Diploma


Master of economics University of Economics, Sofia

Master Diploma

Bilingual – Bulgarian and German English and Russian