Healthy Lifestyle Through Healthy Food

Herbs are the oldest form of food and medicine. They have been used by humankind for various purposes including; spices, gifts, beauty and therapy additives among others. 
In this sub-sector, GDF aims to increase public awareness by demonstrating herbs, plants, seeds etc., which have been used for so many millennia before 'our time', and for so many purposes, are still available and used all around the world. They are almost unchanged. Their unique 'secrets' and beauties with all their potential and 'fullness', offer us an opportunity to achieve easier, healthier, happier lives by simply making them a part of our everyday routine - as food, spices, or in various other ways.
Let us step into the well-known secrets and beauties of this miraculous world of plants and preserve their goodness for our future generations. This natural healing beauty is known to maintain a well-balanced and somehow younger body, therefore healthier and happier lives for families and friends. You are warmly invited to take this journey... let's do it together now.