After The Storm

Unfortunately, new momentum through climate change brings deadly consequences for people, plants, animals, wildlife and infrastructure.
This project involves establishing a warehouse and office centre at Main Road, Hurstbridge VIC, Australia to receive donated building materials for distribution to citizens affected by the Victorian bushfires.  The centre will service citizens-in-need and its functional model will develop through support for community rebuilding.
The proposed site has been generously donated.
Many organisations are already serving the fire affected communities. Where possible, this project aims to create a collaborative model for efficient collection, management and distribution of rebuilding resources.

We invite potential donors with access to underutilised materials/equipment to contact Bill Penrose via email; bill.penrose@pas.com.au 
The centre will engage community groups in employment, providing various services and logistics management. A skills trade segment where services such as hairdressing, earth-moving, plumbing, baby sitting, health services, child care/minding, yoga, dancing and various others are traded/bartered is on the horizon.
Experience gained will be used in developing a recovery and rehabilitation model which can be translated and modified as a framework to meet the individual and collective needs of any community that has suffered climate change and/or natural and unnatural disaster.
• Sourcing - Responsible for understanding the needs of each household in the fire affected areas and working to gather/assemble required materials.
• Warehousing -Receiving, sorting, reconditioning, etc., to meet requirements for delivery/installation. 
• Family services - marriage, children, seniors, maternal health, family health, etc.
• Health - classic medicine and alternative health services.

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