(GDF Academia - Education)

GDF envisions establishing schools or similar educational facilities, where people interested in furthering cultural development and creativity, and those interested in working in the fields of welfare and human rights, or cultural and native fields, all connected with solving conflicts and negotiating on problems that exist at various levels, including: diplomatic, organisational, political, religious, institutional and domestic, will learn about cultures in the world, their traditions, rituals, languages, diets, way of healing, beliefs, etc.
They will also learn basics into general science, philosophy, the main religions, beliefs, faith systems and conflict resolution. They will develop negotiation skills and other related items, depending on the interest of the field in which they could be involved or employed.
Courses with basic drafts have already been prepared for all of the above. They await the right time to be implemented, pending completion by professional educators from their own and legal perspectives. It is anticipated after the collective awareness is increased and the need and benefit of the above is clear and visible.

These kinds of courses and education systems are mainly for multicultural societies. However, with an increasingly "intermixing" world, it should/will enter global educative systems with especially designed, 'basic' and 'refreshment' courses for; community leaders, politicians, diplomats, workers and professionals in various institutions like UN and their related organisations, health, police, fire brigade and various others.
GDF Coaching - coaching lessons and advices for community/corporate leaders & organizations on various issues regarding building peaceful multicultural society, through a local and global network of  intercultural dialogue & cooperation, while maintaining cultural identity, heritage & peaceful constructive & progressive cooperation, based on mutual recognition, dignity & respect for common good.