Board of Directors-Climate Change

With the majority of people on the planet already perceiving the realities of climate change, our goal is dialogue in various sectors to bring forth a collaborative path towards balancing and neutralising the harmful effects on nature from the aspect of humankind contribution.

By doing so, we may assist the earth to self-repair and intercept, or further reduce the harmful affects of climate change across the entire living world, our future, and all else in nature.

Scott Leckie, Director-Climate Change
Director and Founder of Displacement Solutions (www.displacementsolutions.org), an organisation dedicated to resolving cases of forced displacement throughout the world, in particular displacement caused by climate change and conflict. In 2009 Scott founded Oneness World (www.onenessworld.org), an institution dedicated to developing alternative forms of global governance grounded in global citizenship. He is also Founder of the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE - www.cohre.org), an organisation he headed from 1991-2007. He regularly advises several United Nations agencies and has worked on human rights issues in 65 countries. He was the driving force behind more than 50 international human rights standards, and has published 12 books and over 100 articles and reports on issues including housing rights, economic, social and cultural rights, forced evictions, the right to housing and property restitution for refugees and internally displaced persons and other human rights themes. He frequently lectures and regularly teaches several human rights courses.

Climate change and the oceans
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