Board of Directors-Classic/Contemporary Medicine

Dr. Vasko M. Najdovski - Director, Health-Clasical Medicine
Dr.Najdovski trained as a medical doctor in his native Macedonia. He worked in Hospitals and as a GP in his own private practice in Macedonia and later in Australia, at Warrnambool Base and District Hospital in Victoria. 
Impressed by very positive results in people's health delivered through bio-energy therapy, he accepted the challenge and dedicated his life to postulating scientific evidence by establishing scientific based theory about the mechanism of bio-energy and bio-energy therapy.
He published various papers and two books; LIGHT part One and Part Two regarding Bio-energy and Bio-energy Therapy. His third book is a combination of both.
He is the founder of Global Dialogue Foundation and various other organizations in Australia and abroad through which he expresses over 20 years of active humanitarian and philanthropic work.