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  Project Kaisei

 Project Kaisei studies how to capture plastic waste in the ocean, detoxify and recycle it into diesel fuel, green waste (e.g., for building roads, etc.) and various other uses. 
SAN FRANCISO, CA (Aug. 25, 2009) - After 22 days of intensive research, testing and collection in the North Pacific Ocean, the tall ship Kaisei completed the discovery portion of its expedition, confirming fears that the presence of plastic debris in the Pacific Ocean is pervasive.
Project Kaisei set off to the August expedition with a three-pronged mission: to develop a sound scientific sampling of the Marine Debris in the North Pacific Gyre, to test and assess various Marine Debris prototype harvesting/reclamation technologies, and to gather insight on solutions to a possible cleanup in future expeditions.

What is PDP?

The Plastic Disclosure Project (PDP) is working to reduce the environmental impact of the world's rising use of plastics in products and packaging. 

Plastics have many benefits including their durability, cheapness and light weight, but these benefits can cause problems for the environment.  Most plastics do not biodegrade and instead remain in the environment for decades, even centuries.  Plastic's cheapness encourages its ever greater use in single-use packaging, and discourages recycling.  Plastic's lightness means that it floats, rather than sinking to the bottom.


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Cleaning the oceans will assist the marine environment and the planet's reduction in climate change effects. Therefore, supporting Project Kaisei is of immense fundamental value and importance, as is supporting similar projects which have goals to clean the planet and increase awareness for maintaining a clean environment, particularly the oceans and other running and non running waters, or nature as a whole.   
Project Kaisei aims to use scientific data and results for education and public awareness aimed at bringing about real social change to halt the flow of Marine Debris into the world's oceans.

Recognized by the United Nations Environment Program, Project Kaisei was selected as one of less than ten global Climate Heroes in the lead up to the Copenhagen talks on climate change. The UNEP will be promoting Project Kaisei through their outreach and lobbying efforts as the world gets prepared for new climate change policies. Project Kaisei will be using Twitter in coordination with the UNEP to drum up global support and awareness for environmental causes. Click here for more information.
"Solving a problem starts with knowing that you have one. Project Kaisei vividly shows how discarded plastics are clogging the ocean, causing a major problem for the planet's vital "blue heart," entangling marine life and insidiously killing as it accumulates in the food chain, from tiny plankton to great whales. Best of all, the mission highlights hope with ideas for positive action."
Sylvia Earle
National Geographic, Mission Programs